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lounaispuisto kansi

Lounaispuisto Summer 2017

Lounaispuisto park in Jyväskylä is full of cultural events!


Lounaispuisto Summer is a event ensemble containing live music concerts, dance events (Puistotanssit), sing-along events (Lounalaulut) and much more! All the events take place in Lounaispuisto park, Jyväskylä (Seminaarinkatu 34). There will be events from June to August, so take your friend with you and come together to enjoy Lounaispuisto Summers versatile performances. Free entry. 


Lounaispuisto Summer events program:


Energia band

Puistotanssit and Lounalaulut singing and dancing events:

4.7. 18pm. Puistotanssit: Dance event: Paula Kettu and Saga Elgland - different dance styles

11.7. 18pm. Lounalaulut: Sing-along event with the Juha Vanhanen & Liekki band

18.7. 18pm. Lounalaulut and Puistotanssit: Sing-along and dance family event

25.7. 18pm. Lounalaulut and Puistotanssit: Irish music and dance event

1.8. 18pm. Puistotanssit: Dance event with the theme: Shindo, with Helena Ratinen

8.8. 18pm. Lounalaulut: Sing-along event with Energia band

22.8. 18pm. Lounalaulut: Sing-along event with Energia band


Lounaispuisto Festival

Other upcoming events in Lounaispuisto Summer:

28.6. 17pm. Family event - Pekka Laukkarinen Trios concert, activities for the whole family

8.7. 14pm. Payback Jam -Hiphop festival

9.7. 14pm. Folk Music Concert for the whole family. 

10.8. 19pm. The Air Force Band and Arja Koriseva concert

11.8. 20pm. Seminaarimäen Mieslaulajat concert

11.8. 22pm. Movie picnic: Punk movie called "Jyväskylän meininki" 

18-19.8. Lounaispuisto Festival (chargeable event)



More information:

Event Assistant Milka Uusitalo
Cultural services, City of Jyväskylä
phone +358 50 3119875






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