Laulavan Mörön polku Nature Trail

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Laulavan Mörön polku Nature Trail

Laulavan mörön polku (Mörköpolku for short or “the Path of the Singing Bogeyman” in English) is a 19-kilometre (12-mile) nature path in Äänekoski. It crosses the areas of the Syvälahti, Lohilahti, and Vihijärvi villages and passes by many forest moors, lakes, and ridges on top of which one gets to admire
views over the faraway forests.

The name of the path is based on its two ends. It ends at the vantage point on the Laulumäki hill (“laulu” = song) by the Keitele lake in the north and at the Mörönkoski rapids (“mörkö” = bogeyman) in the south.

Route length

19 km

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