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1h 58 min.

Kivijärventie 457
43900 Kinnula
tel. +358405212551
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Löytöläntytär provides lovely soothing massages, memorable bath ceremonies, sound trips, and story excursions to the lands of forest spirits.

The massages enable you to enter a deep state of relaxation and wellness where your body lets go of stress and receives care and touching. The bath ceremonies are splendid, spellbinding opportunities to celebrate life as group footbaths or as a luxurious full bath with an emphasis on you and you alone. A flower-decorated bath, a specially-made bath salt, and a sound trip that enhances your sensations make for an unforgettable experience! The sound trips and the excursions to the lands of forest spirits are moments that give free rein to the imagination and take shape according to each group.

The treatment room is in Hillinki in Kinnula about 5km from the centre. The excursions, sound trips, and foot bath ceremonies can be tailored to suit the customers’ wishes or at a site chosen with them.

Find your way into your nature. You may find it in a state of rest and relaxation as delicate messages from your body and subconsciousness and as whispers from the trees, tufts of moss, and forest ponds.

Children taken into account

The sound trips and the excursions to the lands of forest spirits are equally suited for the little ones.

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