Luhanka summer church

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19950 Luhanka

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Luhanka summer church

The old church of Luhanka, the summer church, has served the people of Luhanka since 1893: In both war and peace, through good times and bad, in the midst of life in Luhanka. The church, designed by Josef Stenbäck, stands on a hill, above the parish of Luhanka.

Luhanka church is said to be Finland’s third largest wooden church which, according to official information, as many as 1500, even up to 1800 people can be accommodated. In any case, this is more than double the number of the inhabitants of the municipality.

The altarpiece of the church is painted by S. Danielson in 1906, ‘Jesus stands at the door and knocks’.  There is no heating in the church and it is only illuminated by candlelight, which makes many events particularly atmospheric, especially in wintertime.  The church is beautiful and imposing and e.g. a popular destination for photographers.

The Luhanka summer church is popular with wedding couples, even from outside Luhanka, who wish to come for its beauty. Its fine acoustics have also made its reputation as a church well suited for concerts.

Luhanka chapel parish is part of the parish of Joutsa.


Luhanka summer church is open as a ‘Road Church’ on 26.6.-6.8.2023 12:00-16:00. Possible private events may restrict opening hours, mainly on Saturdays.

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Designed by

Josef Stenbäck

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