Muurame Church (1926–29)

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Muurame Church (1926–29)

Running north-south on Muurame Hill, Muurame Church is a long, single-nave church with plastered brick walls. Its entrance is located in the lower part of a triumphal arch at the north end of the nave.

Alvar Aalto designed seven church renovations in the 1920s. Of these, only the design for Muurame Church was implemented. According to Aalto, a church should reflect a love for beauty, harmony and purity of forms – each work of architecture is an attempt to build a paradise on earth. For Aalto, Italy and the Mediterranean area represented harmony. He sought solutions that created balance, well-being and health. (Source: Muuramen seurakunta)

In the 1920s, Alvar Aalto prepared many designs for church renovations. Of these, only the design for Muurame Church was implemented. Muurame Church is a white plastered church with Italian influences in the belfry and the loggia below the parish hall. Alternations were made to its interior in 1979.

Source: Alvar Aalto -museo

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