Partiomaja Trail

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Partiomaja Trail

The Partiomaja trail is a circular route about two kilometers long that runs through the forest along the banks of the Konnevesi rapids trail through Taikinainen and Karinkoski to the patrol hut. The rapids remain frozen even in winter, and therefore the Partiomaja trail offers something to experience all year round. The campfire spots along the trail are the best places to enjoy watching the flowing water, and the renewed structures of the route create a good setting for an atmospheric nature trip.

Starting point/end point

The starting point of the trail is at the end of a forest road that connects to Autiolahdentie, about 5 kilometers from Konnevesi center. There is a parking area and an info board for the trail at the starting point.


ETRS-TM35FIN N 6941552 E 465466. WGS84 LAT 62,60313, LON 26,32732

Route length

about 2 km


The trail is narrow and partly covered in roots, and there are small up- and downhills. 1-2 hours should be reserved. The route is marked with signposts.

Lapp hut or camp fire

There is a lean-to, a fire spot, an outhouse and a firewood storage at Karinkoski. There is a covered fire spot, an outhouse and a firewood storage in the yard of the patrol hut. Scouts rent the cabin and shed.

Target´s maintenance

Konnevesi municipality is in charge of the maintenance of the nature trail


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