Paddle-boat Elias Lönnrot

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Paddle-boat Elias Lönnrot

The paddle-boat m/s Elias Lönnrot has been cruising on Lake Keurusselkä since 1986. The boat is a replica of the boat of the same name which operated on Lake Keurusselkä at the end of the 19th century. The original vessel was scrapped at the turn of the century.

On the paddle-boat there is a café-restaurant that serves snacks. For chartered cruises it is also possible to enjoy a full meal.

The boat can operate from its home port of Ahtola in the centre of Keuruu, to the shore at Hotel Keurusselkä. This trip of approx. one hour is the most popular route.

Other piers can be found at Nyyssänniemi Camping in Keuruu, and at Myllyranta, the Art Town Mänttä-Vilppula, located at the southern end of the lake.

During the season, the boat runs regular scheduled services and by appointment, during the months of May to September. Furthermore, the boat organizes themed cruises, with music, good food and stories.
The boat is popular with travel groups, and can also be booked for family reunions, meetings or other gatherings. The boat can accommodate a maximum of 125 customers.

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