Peltolan Mäkitupalais Museum

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Tammijärventie 164
19910 Luhanka

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Peltolan Mäkitupalais Museum

The Peltolan Mäkitupalais Museum, located in Tammijärvi, Luhanka, is a nationally important cultural and historical heritage site. The buildings, interiors and artefacts tell the story of life that the Mäkitupalaiset (“hill cottage sitters”) would lead until the first decades of the 20th century.

There are a total of 19 log buildings and approximately 3000 artefacts in the area. The oldest building in the area, ‘Isotupa,’ was built in the 18th century. Besides Isotupa there are other two residential buildings in the area, several granaries, barns, a smoke sauna, a stable and cowsheds, as well as sheds and two cooking huts.

The Peltolan Mäkitupalais Museum is the only genuine Mäkitupalais settlement worldwide where the buildings are in their original places. Together with the surrounding traditional landscape the museum area has been designated as a nationally significant cultural environment.

The area called Peltola village was only fully vacated in the 1960’s when the last inhabitants moved to the Luhanka church area. Since then, Luhangan Kotiseutuyhdistys ry has been taking care of the maintenance of the museum area. The museum is open during the summer.

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