Rock area of Koljatti

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Rock area of Koljatti

Rock area of Koljatti is a nature conservation area especially known for an impressive, vertical steep rock face. There is a wide variety of vegetation in the landscape, including rocks, lush stream sides and wildwood. 

Koljatti has a marked trail (about 600 m in its direction) and a campfire lean-to available to everyone on the shore of the Lake Kalliojärvi. The marked trail is mostly easy to walk and there are duckboards on the most humid spots, but however, there are rocks and roots on a short part of the trail. 

Koljatti is about 13 kilometres from the centre of Viitasaari. The rest of the road, about two kilometres long, may consists of sand and it may be difficult to drive during the frost damage of the roads and in the winter. In the winter, the road will be cleared, if necessary, especially in regard to the weekend use of the road. The trail does not have any special winter maintenance. 

More information

The area is a nature reserve, so please move there respecting the nature.

Winter maintenance

No winter maintenance

Starting point/end point

There is a guidance from the blue road to the parking area and to the starting point of the rail route.

Route length

600 m


On the most humid spots, there are duckboards. The wooden WC is attached to the car park at the beginning of the trail.

Lapp hut or camp fire

Kalliojärvi lean-to. Note! It is absolutely forbidden to make a campfire outside the campfire site. Please, consider warnings of grass and ground fires before you light a campfire.

Target´s maintenance

Viitasaaren kaupunki


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