SF-Caravan Keski-Suomi ry / Hietasaari

Distance to the target from Kompassinaukio in Jyväskylä:

46 min.

Hietasaarentie 128
41240 Kyynämöinen (Uurainen)

SF-Caravan Keski-Suomi ry / Hietasaari

Located in an area known as the Central Finland Riviera, the Hietasaari Caravan Park is an excellent holiday destination for people who are looking to enjoy peace and quiet surrounded by nature. The sandy beaches and beautiful views provide the perfect setting for your summer holiday. There is plenty to see, do and explore, including a playground, nature trails, fishing and beautiful beaches. Hietasaari is an SF-Caravan member site, but non-members are also welcome to stay!

For further information, please contact:

tel: +358 (0)400 259 899


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