Southern Konnevesi National Park


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Southern Konnevesi National Park

The Southern Konnevesi National Park, the newcomer among Jyväskylä Region’s parks, was founded in 2014. However, its rough, rocky landscapes and endless lake vistas are ageless. Thanks to its variable elevation, the park offers challenging routes in fantastically varied surroundings. Apart from hiking, the clear waters of the Southern Konnevesi National Park make it an ideal destination for water sports such as boating and canoeing.

The park has three hiking trails: the Vuori-Kalaja trail, the Three Mountain Trail and the Loukkuvuori trail. The Vuori-Kalaja trail is fully accessible, offering both those with and without restricted mobility the opportunity to see the national park’s breath-taking vistas. The 300-metre route includes the Vuori-Kalaja lean-to shelter, an ideal spot for a picnic break.

The 16-kilometre-long Three Mountains hiking trail with many steep climbs and downhills along the way, is a stunning smorgasbord of the park’s landscapes ranging from expansive lake views to tenebrous fairy-tale forests. The route takes between six to twelve hours to hike, so a significant investment in time is in order; there is plenty to see and challenging terrain to traverse. Like the Vuori-Kalaja trail, the Three Mountains route begins at the Vuori-Kalaja parking area.

The Loukkuvuori trail is a circular route 2.8 kilometres in length. Its destination is a hilltop panorama like no other, the rooftop of the entire park. Although the trail’s length may not shock you on paper, we guarantee its slopes will make you sweat! The starting point of the trail at the Enonranta pier is easily accessible by boat or canoe.

The waters of Southern Konnevesi are dotted with numerous islands filled with endless new things to discover. Exploring our lake-spanning national park by boat is something we can warmly recommend! Among its prettiest landing spots are the heartbreakingly beautiful Lapinsalo island with its bounty of blueberries and the Iso-Pyysalo island with a sandy beach to rival the Costa del Sol. Please note that rocks and shoals are also plentiful in the waters of Southern Konnevesi – pilot your boat with care!

Within the park you’ll also find a set of canoeing routes of varying challenge levels set up and maintained by the Rautalampi and Konnevesi municipalities. A day on the lake is nicely punctuated by a picnic break on one of the many landing sites on the Konnevesi islands. You can rent your kayak or canoe from one of several local travel companies.

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The Accessible Vuori-Kalaja Trail, 300 m. When there is no ice and snow on the ground, the estimated travel time is 30 minutes. Route for wheelchair users, assistant needed. Starting point: The Vuori-Kalaja accessible parking area (Vuori-Kalajan metsätie 126, Rautalampi) is accessible to the disabled by car or taxi, but the road is closed with a barrier. To get the key to the barrier, please call Metsähallitus customer service.

Pets welcome

In general, in Finland, pets are allowed in the national parks and most nature reserves as long as they are on a leash. Pets are not allowed to roam freely in the national parks and nature reserves. Some locations may have restrictions on walking a pet. Check local regulations before going hiking with a pet.

More information

Southern Konnevesi National Park Trails:

Location and arrival

The national park can't be reached by public transport


Häyrylänranta: Satamatie 60, Konnevesi. Törmälä: Konnekoskentie 552, Rautalampi. Kalaja: Törmälän metsätie 136, Rautalampi. Vuori-Kalaja (only for disabled, no winter maintenance): Vuori-Kalajan metsätie 126, Rautalampi, the key to the barrier: Metsähallitus customer service. Hanhitaipale: Satamatie 143, Rautalampi.

Winter maintenance

No winter maintenance: Kalaja, Vuori-Kalaja.

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