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Five tips for outdoor workouts in Jyväskylä

Wednesday 7.2.2018 : PIA KOJO

Five tips for outdoor workouts in Jyväskylä

Nero stairsNero stairsNero stairsNero stairsNero stairsNero stairsNero stairsNero stairsNero stairs

Nero stairs

Everything is better in summer. The sun is shining, birds are singing, and the best of all you can train outdoors!
The longer and warmer summer days make it easier to train outdoors, and inspire you to get moving. I mostly spend my summers in Viitaniemi playing football. But having lived for three years in the centre of Jyväskylä, I have also discovered many other amazing locations for training how and whenever I want.
This post presents five of my favourite outdoor workout places in Jyväskylä. Whether you are looking for an intense workout or light exercise, these are the places to be!

1. A quick and effective stair workout on Harju
The Harju stairs are a familiar workout location to many Jyväskylä residents. I like to warm up running around the Harju trail and then move on to the wooden stairs or the Nero stone stairs. A stair workout helps you to work up a sweat, and it can easily be intensive. This makes it great for a quick and effective workout. If you want to give it everything you got, a stair workout is an ex-cellent choice, but of course you can also have a lighter exercise. Next day, your feet will certainly feel it!

2. Running around the lake on the Rantaraitti hiking trail
The number one spot for running is the Rantaraitti hiking trail around lake Jyväsjärvi. You can ei-ther run the whole trail around the lake, or only half of it by crossing the lake via Kuokkala bridge. The whole trail is 14 kilometres long, and you can walk or run, ride a bike or go rollerblading. The best parts about Rantaraitti are its variety and the beautiful and varying landscape, from the har-bour to green forests on the other side of the lake. When it gets dark, you can admire thousands of lights that illuminate the city, and on sunny days you can enjoy the sparkling lake.

3. An active summer day at Tuomiojärvi beach
When visiting Tuomiojärvi beach, take some friends, a ball, and a positive attitude. Nothing is bet-ter than spending a hot summer day playing beach volleyball or football with your friends, and afterwards cooling down in the lake. Tuomiojärvi beach also offers excellent hiking trails, a disc golf course, and outdoor exercise equipment. The beach is a fun place and it allows you to work out in any way imaginable, but of course you could just bask in the sun or have a nice picnic. Whatever you decide to do, you will definitely have the best day of your summer here!

4. Playing at night in the Puistokoulu field
When the sun goes down, you can shoot some hoops in the Puistokoulu schoolyeard or play some football on the school’s playing field. Here you can take it easy and play and spend some time with your friends. The most important thing is to have fun, enjoy the summer night, and get moving. In the Puistokoulu field, sports do not feel like sports but a fun way to have a good time with your friends and meet new people. You’ll go home in good spirits, and a good night’s sleep is guaran-teed!

5. A relaxing walk on the Tourujoki nature trail
After a rough day, the Tourujoki nature trail, or Heikki’s trail, offers wonderful relaxation in na-ture, away from it all. You can also start your day listening to birds singing and the sound of water and leaves as the sun shines through the trees. The best thing about the Tourujoki nature trail is that it is close to the busy city centre, but opens up to a whole new world. You will feel like you are in a rain forest, and you will leave, relaxed and with a clear head.
I enjoy walking around the Tourujoki nature trail after a hard day at work or after a run. I like to remove my headphones and listen to the sounds of nature and just look around. The trail is not long, but it quickly eases your mind. Give it a try!

These are my favourite places for outdoor workouts. Working out in Jyväskylä is never boring, as the city has many excellent locations wherever you are. The most important thing is to find the workout that you enjoy and that makes you happy.
Have a nice workout–see you outdoors!

Sunny wishes, Pia

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