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No car needed – take the bus to Jyväskylä nature trails

Tuesday 28.8.2018 : HEIKKI SULANDER

Access to nature and nature trails without your own car can be challenging. We tested the Jyväskylä nature trails using the bus only – or Linkki, as we say in Jyväskylä.

Many of the nature trails in the area are easily accessible by bus, so start your adventure on one of these wonderful trails. Another great way to reach the trails is by bike!

A smartphone will be a great help so you can check timetables and where you can find the trail. We used the city centre as the starting point for our directions, so first check your location and find your way to Vapaudenkatu (stops Keskusta 1, 2, 3, etc.)

Sippulanniemi Nature Trail – no. 18 bus

The no. 18 bus takes you near Sippulanniemi Nature Trail. Get off at Valkovuokontie 2 stop. There is a 700-metre walk from the bus stop to the start of the trail. Enter ‘Sippulanniemen luontopolku’ as your destination in your journey planner, and follow the instructions all the way to your destination.


Aittovuori Nature Trail – all buses towards Halssila, e.g. 1, 2, 3

Aittovuori Nature Trail runs a full circle, with the first half running along Halssila and the old Vaajakoskentie, where the bus stop is. Take any of the uphill streets and follow the footpath further up to get on the nature trail. Halssila is served by several frequently operating bus routes, and your only challenge is to choose which of the picturesque streets to take to reach the nature trail. We recommend Oravakuja or Jänönkuja: in the summer, the canopy of leafy trees framing the view and the pretty houses along the street are alone worth the journey.

But don’t stop there. Keep walking uphill, where you will first join a footpath and further uphill the nature trail. Before you reach the residential area along Karhunkierros street, you will see a path marked with red dots. The route runs anticlockwise, so turn to the right along the path. The trail first runs close to houses and their yards before disappearing into the woods.


Haapasaari Nature Trail – no. 1 bus

Take the no. 1 bus to the end of the route. Walk back 50 metres and turn onto Haapasaarentie road. Walk along Haapasaarentie for approx. 600 metres, cross the bridge and look for the nature trail information board on your right, at the end of a small road.


Tourujoki Nature Trail – the nature trail closest to the city centre.

The path is close to Matarankatu and Tourula 2 bus stops. If you are arriving from further away and your bus route runs along Tourulantie, as many buses do, get off at a stop near Matarankatu/Kivääritehtaankatu. Tourunjoki river and the start of the nature trail are only a stone’s throw away. At the other end, you can climb up the hill to Rajakatu and Kunnantalo 1 bus stops, where at least the no. 27 and 22 buses will take you back to the city centre.


Kangasvuori Nature Trail - no. 12 and 25 buses

Enter ‘Huhtasuon koulu’ (Huhtasuo school) as your destination on the journey planner, and take the no. 12 or 25 bus. The nature trail starts behind the school and the car park.


Further information:

For further details about the nature trails, see: https://visitjyvaskyla.fi/en/keep-active-stay-healthy/outdoor-pursuits/naturetrails
Bus timetables: https://jyvaskyla.digitransit.fi/

The directions and tips were compiled by the outdoor activity bloggers Anne and Heikki. 

Blog categories: Outdoor activities



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