Tune up for your Jyväskylä dinner with light

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The City of Jyväskylä is Finland’s City of Light. By investing in lighting, it creates a pleasant environment for residents and travellers alike. The lighting also serves to improve safety during nighttime and creates a unique atmosphere during the dark seasons of the year.

Tune up for your Jyväskylä dinner and experience local history, the City of Light and a harmonious culinary experience! Harmonium factory owner Aapeli Halonen will lead you on a walk through the Jyväskylä cityscape. At the illuminated sites, you will make four choices to set the mood and tone for your dinner. At the end of the route, you will be served dinner tuned up by your choices, at the atmospheric Restaurant Harmooni, an old harmonium factory!

This cultural tourism experience consists of two sections: a route visiting lighting installations in Jyväskylä, the City of Light, where you will be guided by a mobile application, and a festive Jyväskylä dinner at Restaurant Harmooni (Harmonium).

Total duration: approx. 3–4 hours.

Click here to explore the route ”Tune up for your Jyväskylä Dinner with light” guided by a mobile app.

Price and booking:

  • Tune up for your Jyväskylä dinner with light for groups. You can make a reservation here: Harmooni Restaurant
  • Along the tour you will make decisions together with your group that will tune up the atmosphere and the colors of your dinner.


Tips for the tour:

  • Remember weather appropriate clothing and comfortable shoes. During the colder months we also recommend smartphone gloves.
  • Share your experience with following hashtags: #visitjyvaskyla #harmoonirestaurant #dineinthelight

Illuminated sites are at their best at nighttime from autumn to spring. During summertime in Finland you can enjoy the Midnight Sun, when the sun can be visible almost 24 hours a day in June and July – a unique experience worth enjoying as well!

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