Unmissable action and
surprising situations!

The Jyväskylä Region is able to treat the visitor to a superb range of events! Here in the Jyväskylä Region we are fortunate in that quality and quantity are both top notch. The first event that comes to mind is Jyväskylä Festival: street theatre, a really powerful international atmosphere and the oldest continuously staged urban festival in the Nordic countries which just oozes surprising situations. The first was way back in 1956. Jyväskylä Festival is characterised by a tradition of bringing events and performances out onto the street and into the midst of people.

Unmissable action is naturally also provided by Neste Oil Rally Finland, which in addition to Alvar Aalto is undoubtedly the best known phenomenon internationally. As a venue for events Jyväskylä harbour with its Harbour Nights festival and the Lutakko area in general are rapidly gaining in popularity: Lutakko Square is a huge open space right next to the Travel Centre rail/coach interchange and the passenger harbour. For instance, this is the venue for the Suomipop festival. There’s room for well over ten thousand people to let their hair down...

Another event with a feeling all of its own is Hankasalmi’s legendary Kihveli Soikoon festival, which brings together dedicated skiffle music fans from all over the world. Arranged each spring on the beautiful hill which houses the old university campus, Seminaarinmäki, Yläkaupungin Yö [Uptown Night] takes place as the name suggests at the top end of the town and is one of the opening events of the warm summer season. Those are some of my favourites. Luckily you’re holding a copy of the tourist guide, which will help you to find your own. Welcome to the Jyväskylä Region and all the fun and games it can provide!”

Turkka Saarikoski,
Seminaarinmäen Mieslaulajat


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