Winter in the Jyväskylä Region - 5+1 tips for spending a memorable winter holiday 

Woman skiing at the Jyväskylä Region.

Skiing at the Jyväskylä Region. Photo: Ulla Keituri

Winter holidays are just around the corner and snowy Jyväskylä Region warmly welcomes visitors for a winter holiday. At the Jyväskylä Region you can spend your holiday relaxing, doing refreshing winter activities and experiencing impressive culture. There is something for everyone, whether you spend you holiday by yourself or as a group. Read tips for spending a memorable winter holiday from below, get into holiday mood and loosen up in the Jyväskylä Region!

1. Keep active and refresh yourself! 

Fresh air, sparkling snow, sunshine and red cheeks! If you enjoy spending time outdoors and doing winter activities, you should head to Jyväskylä region. Jyväskylä region offers variety of different sports and ways of spending time outdoors. 

For those who enjoy skiing  Jyväskylä Ski Marathon offers excitement on Saturday March 7th. People with different levels of skiing skills can take part on the event. When you are on a skiing trip you can stop at Ladun majan Majakahvio for a cup of hot coffee or tea and a snack. If you are planning on going for a ski trip it is important to check Jyväskylä region's ski track information before you go on the ski track to make sure everything goes safely and smoothly. 

If downhill skiing is your thing, we recommend heading to Häkärinne, Riihivuori or Laajis. Laajis has opened a new lean-to called Lumimaa where you can treat yourself with campfire coffee and large griddle pancakes. In addition, Laajis has opened an igloo-shaped slope restaurant called Dome. If husky- and snowmobile safaries are your cup of tea, we recommend going to Varjola witch is located in Laukaa. From Varjola it is only a short way to go to enjoy the warmth of Peurunka Spa

For ice-skaters there is plenty of public ice-skating places in Jyväskylä region. The number one place for ice-skaters is lake Jyväsjärvi skating rink which can be found in the Jyväskylä harbour. The skating rink is still currently closed but you can check the latest updates regarding it from Jyväskylä City -website. After spending time on ice, we reccomend to stop at Satama café or Koto café for a cup of hot chocolate. From both of them it is possible to rent yourself a pair of ice-skates.  On top of that, you will be able to experince tour skating, snowshoeing and cross-country skiing in the form of experince package with the help of Nature Safari and on Tuesdays winter bicycling fatbike tour arranged by Versona. 

Do you have the guts to try ice swimming? You can get familiar with ice swimming through Jyväskylä region's ice swimmers for free and if needed you can get an ice swimming guide to show you how it's done! Also, Revontuli and Haikusauna sauna evenings offer you an opportunity to go ice swimming. 

There is also plenty of sports and activities to do inside. If you like playful racing, Karting-Center could be a place for you. For those who are into dancing, you can get yourself moving in Kartanon Kievari dance nights where the athmosphere feels like summer night in the middle of the winter! If you are a sports fan you might want to check out the first ever JYP's Sports Capital Jyväskylä ice hokey game the 26th of February. The event is free so why not to go!

2. Pamper yourself - you deserve it! 

What would be a better way to spend a day than relaxing in a spa! Spa hotel Peurunka in Laukaa gives joy for the whole family. At Scandic Laajavuori you can mix your holiday at spa with downhill skiing and winter activities at Laajis

Relaxing in sauna is the best thing to do after an active winter day. Jyväskylä Region serves different kinds of sauna experiences from a traditional to more exotic taste.  Would you go to a smoke sauna, outdoor jacuzzi in Revontuli, women's peat sauna evening to Tupaswilla or maybe to Haikusauna or Jyväskylän perinnesaunojat sauna evening? If you enjoy relaxing in a sauna you might want to check out for more from Sauna Region website.


3. Jump into culture experiences

If you are hungry for cultural experiences, you will find number of interesting things to see and do in the Jyväskylä region during the winter holidays. Jyväskylä Art Museum takes you time travelling with the Miltä näyttää aika? -exhibition and crawling with the Ryömi, konti - viesti vauvuudesta -experience intended to families with babies. It is recommended to visit at least the exhibitions of Gallery Ratamo, Alvar Aalto museum and Craft Museum of Finland. In addition, the newly renovated Museum of Central Finland is having its opening ceremony on the February 22nd. Remember that most of the museums in Jyväskylä have free entry on Fridays! 

Art Center Järvilinna located in Laukaa, is the number one destination for those interested in culture, art and history. During the winter holidays you can visit the Järvilinna exhibitions, come to enjoy a cup of coffee and something sweet or maybe even go outside to enjoy the lake view and grill some sausages at the hut. On the 26th of February non-stop graffiti workshop gives you an opportunity to release your inner artist.

Have you seen Jyväskylä City Theatre's show Phantom of the Opera already? You still have time to experience the entertaining and touching musical classic and all the other remarkable spectacles

4. Get to know the world-famous architect Alvar Aalto 

Did you know that Jyväskylä has the world's largest amount of significant complex of buildings desinged by the world famous architect academic Alvar Aalto? Among the 29 sights you can find Alvar Aalto museum, Muurame Church and Säynätsalo Town Hall which is considered to be one of Aalto's most remarkable works. During the winter holidays you have an amazing opportunity to walk in the footsteps of Alvar Aalto. That is because Säynätsalo Town Hall has a Lukulauantai -book event on the 22nd of February where you can walk around inside of the Town Hall and attend a guided tour. You can also enjoy the delicacies of the the cafeteria. You can also gather a group together and book a guided Alvar Aalto themed tour in Jyväskylä region. 

5. Relax in the nature

Sunny winter days are meant for hiking outdoors. Pack some lunch, warm clothes and go to the nature with good company! Leivonmäki National Park in Joutsa is a great place to go explore the beautiful winter nature and if you get hungry, you can take a lunch break at the lean-to. Or do you have the guts to go to a National Park for an overnight camping trip? You can also go for a quick and easy walk in the nature in Paljaspää nature trail located in Muuratsalo. You should remember to be careful when walking in the nature trail because they usually don't have winter maintenance. Get the best out of a beautiful winter day by hiking in the peaceful scenery of lake Jyväsjärvi Rantaraitti.  

+1. Families with children go on adventures! 

Families with childen spend an active and adventurous holiday in the Jyväskylä region. After an active day spent in Laajis or Häkärinne you will have red cheeks and a wide smile. Climbing and bowling in Hutunki as well as jumping in Beach & Jump Park offer fun activities to choose from.  The waves of Aalto Alvari or the waterslides of Peurunka are perfect for those who feel like water is their element. Check out the adventures for kids -events in Jyväskylä region and tips for spending a winter day with kids


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