Jyväskylä -the ideal city for cyclists

photo: Touho Häkkinenphoto: Touho Häkkinenphoto: Touho Häkkinenphoto: Touho Häkkinenphoto: Touho Häkkinenphoto: Touho Häkkinen

photo: Touho Häkkinen

Jyväskylä is known for its sports events and opportunities. The distances are short and the city has a large number of pedestrian and cycle routes, which makes cycling pleasant and easy. The city centre has cycle lanes, and cyclists can also choose from a diverse range of routes for cross-country and road cycling and enjoy interesting sights along the way.

Circling Jyväsjärvi lake, the 13-kilometre Rantaraitti route is ideal for shorter cycling trips. The entire route is paved, and cyclists can enjoy spectacular lakeside scenery in the middle of the city and even take a refreshing dip in the water from one of the lake’s beaches. For those interested in longer cycling trips, the Jyväskylä region offers a wide selection of options and beautiful landscapes. The island of Naissaari by the Vaajakoski Canal, for example, is a nice place for a coffee break.

Laajavuori Bikepark offers a multitude of trails for downhill, enduro and XC mountain biking, from flat terrain to rooty singletracks. Read more in Finnish: www.laajis.fi/bikepark

Tired of cycling alone? The Jyväskylä Cycling Association organises cycling trips throughout the year. Visit their website for more information: www.jyps.fi/pyoraily-liikennemuotona-ja-harrastuksena/pyorareitteja-keski-suomessa (in Finnish)

Our themed routes are an excellent way to explore Jyväskylä, even by bicycle, based on your interests: Read more. Also Digitransit Journey Planner for helps you plan a route both by bicycle or on foot in the city centre as well as the surroundings of the city. 

No bicycle? No worries – Jyväskylä has many bicycle rental outlets.


Bicycle rental outlets:


Vaasankatu 8, 40100 Jyväskylä
tel. +358 (0)40 535 2010
info (at) polkupyoratori.fi

Mon–Fri from 9.30 a.m. to 6 p.m.
Prices: EUR 10/one day, on the weekends EUR15/one day, one week EUR 40. Rental deposit: EUR 25.

A wide selection of bicycles, from single-speed to 21-speed bikes.
Second-hand bicycles for sale, from EUR 50. New bicycles for sale as well.

Lutakon satamakahvila/ Lutakko harbour cafe 

Satamakatu 4, Jyväskylä
p. 0400 706 691
sari.wigell (at) pp.inet.fi
Price: 15 €/day
4 regular bikes and 5 electric bikes.
Electric bike prices: 1h/25€, 2h/35€ & 90€/day.


(Cargo bike rental)
Matarankatu 6 A 1, Jyväskylä
tel. +358 (0)45 320 6540
toimisto (at) japary.fi

Bike renting free of charge, 1-3 days.
Renting possible after 2 p.m., returning by 12 a.m.



Rent@Bike Jyväskylä

tel. +358 (0)50 443 3820
vexi.virtanen (at) kolumbus.fi
Prices: EUR 20/day, EUR 50/week
Delivered to locations in Jyväskylä. Reserve in advance!






Revontulentie 2, 41500 Hankasalmi
+358 14 8448 200
sales (at) revontuli.fi

Fatbike rental in Jyväskylä starting from EUR 30 per 2 hours. Bikepacking trips starting from EUR 75 per 2 hours.
Prices include a helmet.


2 hours – 30€

4 hours – 40€

8 hours – 70€



Peurungantie 85, Laukaa
tel. +358 (0)20 751 601
peurunka (at) peurunka.fi

Prices: EUR 10 for three hours. By arrangement for longer periods.
A selection of around 30 bicycles, from single-speed to 21-speed mountain and city bikes. Safety seats for children.


Spa Hotel Peurunka,
Peurungantie 85, Laukaa
tel. +358 20 751 6300

Puutarhakatu 15, Jyväskylä
tel. +358 44 3456 107

Kirkkopuiston Kioskikahvila
(Church Park Kiosk Café)
Kauppakatu 16, Jyväskylä
tel. +358 50 466 5000

Fatbike rental from 25 € / 2h, 55 € / 1 day

Price includes helmet and if needed, the light to the bikes as well as Felt dd 30 Fatbike (2017 model).

In addition, bikepacking trips from 35 €/ person.



Laajis Oy, Laajavuorentie 15, 40740 Jyväskylä
tel. +358 207 436 437
+358 400 114 157

vuokraamo (at) laajis.fi

info (at) laajis.fi

E-fatbike rentals.


40€ / 2 hours
55€ / 4 hours
80€ / 1 day
150€ / 2 days
180€ / Fri-Sun
300€ / 1 week
Guided bike rides starting at 90 €/ 1 h.

All prices include an e-fatbike, a helmet and a lock. In addition you’ll receive user instructions and route suggestions in the Jyväskylä area. The bikes are located at Laajis. For an extra fee the bikes can be transported to a specified location.

Downhillbikes -rentalprices starting at 35€/ 2h

E-scooters prices starting at 20€/ 2h

Satamakatu 8
puh. 040 164 6168
info (at) houseboat.fi

Fatbike 1 day – 25€

E-bike 1 day – 50€

Mountainbike 1 day – 25€

Bike with 7 gears 1 day – 17€

Bike rental is available only for customers, who have rented a boat!






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