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Metsäranta, photo: Tuula NokelainenMetsäranta, photo: Tuula NokelainenMetsäranta, photo: Tuula NokelainenMetsäranta, photo: Tuula NokelainenMetsäranta, photo: Tuula NokelainenMetsäranta, photo: Tuula NokelainenMetsäranta, photo: Tuula Nokelainen

Metsäranta, photo: Tuula Nokelainen


Everyman’s right means that you have the right to camp almost anywhere with a few exceptions, e.g. in private gardens or nearby, or in areas used for a specific purpose. There are also restrictions on temporary camping in nature reserves.

When camping, it’s good to remember a few basic rules. Do not leave any trace at your campsite and pick up after yourself when you leave. Do not damage vegetation or soil. Therefore, it is good to camp in a place that has already been used for that same purpose. Official campsites are therefore the best choice for responsible hiking.

We compiled a list of camping sites in the Jyväskylä region. The list includes destinations in Jyväskylä as well as Hankasalmi, Joutsa, Toivakka and Äänekoski. The camping sites on the list offer a variety of activities ensuring you a great camping experience!



Ruokoniementie 4, 41520 Hankasalmi

Ruokoniemi in Hankasalmi is close to services as it is located right in the village centre. The camping site offers a number of services: There is a fully licensed café with a sun terrace, a place for BBQ, and a sauna that can be rented. In addition, there’s a number of activities such as tennis and disc golf. Within a short distance, you will also find a dance pavilion and a summer theatre!

There are about 60 caravan or parking spaces as well as good quality summer houses and cabins at the camping site by the lake Kuuhankavesi. Camping facilities in the area are great too. Read more about camping in Ruokoniemi on the company website.



Tampinmylly Joutsa
Tampinmyllyntie 12, 19650 Joutsa

Tampinmylly in Joutsa is a small and picturesque camping site close to nature by the lake Iso-Säynätjärvi. The area offers great opportunities for outdoors: fishing, berry picking and mushroom picking, just to name a few. It is also possible to try Icelandic horseback riding.

Tampinmylly is located about 6 km from Joutsa centre in the direction of Kangasniemi, after which the road narrows down into a smaller dirtroad that goes on for about a half kilometer. Read more about the camping site at Tampinmylly!

Leivonmäki national park
Parking: Syysniementie 1072, 41710 Joutsa, and Vartiamäentie 1073, 41730 Joutsa

Leivonmäki national park is also called the pearl of Joutsa. Camping is permitted at all rest areas. Of these, Lintuniemi and Harjujärvi sites are best suited for camping as they can accomodate up to 5-7 tents at a time. The shelters at Leivonmäki national park can also be used for overnight stays: Soimalampi, Joutsniemi and Niinisaari have shelters.

There are several places for making a fire in the national park, for instance shelters, huts and cooking shelters. However, the use of open fire is prohibited during forest fire warnings and grass fires. Read more about Leivonmäki national park  and camping there!



Metsärannantie 56, 41930 Kuohu

Metsäranta in Jyväskylä, located about 16 km from the city centre, is a small camping site close to the nature. You can rent cabins and places for tents and camper vans at Metsäranta. It hosts Christmas parties, family reunions, bazaars and other activities. In the summer, the camping site is open at 9 am-9 pm, and in the winter by arrangement. More information on Metsäranta here!

Rappukalliontie 217, 41630 Oravasaari

Mämminiemi is a great place for outdoors, boating and recreation. It is located on the shore of Ristiselkä in Toivakka. The area is free for outdoor use and is supervised and managed by sports services in Jyväskylä. During the summer season, the area is supervised during its opening hours.

There is plenty of room to move around in Mämminiemi as the whole area is about 10 hectares! There is a sauna in the area with cooking facilities. In addition, there are two BBQ huts, fire pits and toilets.

The area is easily accessible by water, but you can also arrive by car. About 300 meters from the campground, there is parking for cars. The address is Rappukalliontie 217, 41630 Oravasaari. Mämminiemi lies about 34 km from the centre of Jyväskylä. Read more about Mämminiemi here (in Finnish).



Camping Ruuhimäki
Tauluntie 83 41440 Ruuhimäki

The traditional camping site Camping Ruuhimäki is located by the lake Ruokosenjärvi in Toivakka, not too far from Jyväskylä. Camping Ruuhimäki has been open since the 60s – it has hosted travellers for more than 50 years!

The site has plenty of space for camping. Camper vans and caravans are also welcomed to the site. There is a sauna, a beach, BBQ huts, and a playground for kids. The service building in the area offers useful amenities for travelers, including toilets, showers, a place to wash the dishes and a kitchenette. There is also a café with snacks and refreshments available.

The camping site is located along the road 618 just over half an hour’s drive from Jyväskylä. More information on Camping Ruuhimäki is on the company’s website.


Lintulahti SFC
Lintulantie 5 A, 44440 Räihä

Lintulahti in Äänekoski is a great place for campers and visitors to stop at. It is located right by the State Road 4. Why not stop over at Lintulahti and try a nice relaxing sauna or jumping on a trampoline? Lintulahti is also a popular venue for dating nights, and for a good reason: there is live music that will make you want to hit the dancefloor!

The friendly hosts will make you feel at home - all year round. Read more about camping in Lintulahti here.

Camping Sumiainen
Sumiaisraitti 2, 44280 Sumiainen

Camping Sumiainen, in a small village of Sumiainen, is located in a historical spot – findings dating back to the Stone Age have been discovered on a small pine isthmus between Keitele and Sumiaisjärvi.

You can either camp or come with your camper van in which case the rent including electricity is 20€ per day. Or why not rent a cabin by the lake Sumiaisjärvi? At Camping Sumiainen, you can also rent a sauna, a boat or a canoe at hourly rate. More information on Camping Sumiainen here. 


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