Julmat Lammit

Julmat lammit

Photo: Keski-Suomen ELY

A 3-km signposted path at Julmat Lammit circles around three ponds with a resting place along the way. The dramatic landscape of majestic cliffs rising from the dark ponds and the surrounding rocks, boulders and forests were once shaped by the ice age. The forest is ancient in many places. 

Starting point and guidance: Julmat Lammit ponds are located along the Saarijärvi-Kokkola road, some 9 km from the centre of Saarijärvi towards Kokkola (address Kokkolantie 887). Cars can be park by the road.

Average hiking time:
The trail is challenging. The trail is rocky, and there are some differences in elevation. Steps and handrails have been provided at the steepest inclines. Allow several hours to complete the trail.

Trail markings:
There is an information board at the start of the trail. Paint markings indicated the route.

Recommended footwear:
The trail can be completed wearing sturdy outdoor shoes.

Rest areas, lean-to shelters, etc.:
There is a campfire site, shelter, woodshed and dry toilet by the third pond.

Organisation in charge of the nature trail:


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