Kivimäki Hiking Trail

Kivimäen kierros

Photo: Keski-Suomen ELY

The Kivimäki Hiking Trail is a 5 km path that runs through varied terrain around the hills of Iso and Pieni Kivimäki and lake Syväjärvi. There is a lookout tower on top of Iso Kivimäki with views over forested peatland towards lake Kolima.

Starting point and guidance: After Pihtipudas, turn towards Keitele (road no. 6570) and drive 14.2 km. Look out for a sign on the right-hand side: “Kivimäen kierros, luontopolku ja näkötorni 1 km”. You will need to walk for just under 1 km from the car park to the start of the path.
Starting point coordinates: ETRS-TM35FIN N 7024533, E 442237
WGS84 lat 63.34486, lon 25.84595

Average hiking time:
The trail is partly rocky and has steep inclines. The terrain is challenging in places, so allow at least 2–3 hours to complete the trail.

Trail markings:
The route is marked.

Recommended footwear:
The route runs along rocky terrain. Some rocky passages and the wetland by lake Syväjärvi have boardwalks. We recommend sturdy outdoors shoes for this trail.

Rest areas, lean-to shelters, etc.:
There is a lookout tower, lean-to shelter, campfire site and woodshed on top of Iso Kivimäki. There is a jetty and a campfire site by lake Syväjärvi.


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