Koskikara Trail

Koskikara trail

Photo: Koskikara trail, Keski-Suomen ELY

The Koskikara Trail starts from the Koskikara school at Rutalahti and runs most of its course along the Rutajoki river. On this route, you will see foaming rapids and clear, calm water, and the path occasionally meanders into the woods away from the riverbank. A path leading to Leivonmäki National Park departs from the route at the Porraskosk bridge.

Starting point and guidance:
The path starts from the former Koskikara school at Rutalahti (address Koskelantie 128). Cars can be parked in the schoolyard. Blue paint markings indicate the route.

Average hiking time:
The path runs through a varied forest landscape, so allow at least two hours to complete the trail. There are boardwalks and wooden bridges along the way that can be slippery in wet weather. In the winter and during spring floods, you may be unable to cross over the river along the bridge at the bottom of the path, as the path may be closed.

Trail markings:
Information boards along the path tell you about the wildlife and habitat.

Recommended footwear:
The trail is suitable for regular outdoor shoes in dry weather. Otherwise, we recommend waterproof footwear.

Rest areas, lean-to shelters, etc.:
There is a cooking shelter at the start of the path where you can stop for a break before you set off or on your return.

Organisation in charge of the nature trail:



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