Kulhanvuori and Syväoja Nature Trail


Photo: Keski-Suomen ELY

The nature trail in the Kulhanvuori area is approximately 3 km long. The highest point of the hill rises 260 m above sea level. Within the landscape itself, the hill stands 60 m higher than its surroundings. The bottom of the Syväojanrotko ravine is shaded from the sun, and you can see remnants of spectacular ice walls even in July.

Starting point and guidance: The trail begins from the Kulhanvuori campfire site by lake Iso-Musta. The car park is 500 m from the campfire site, making the total length of the trail 4.2 km. In winter, the car park may not be accessible because of snow.

Car park coordinates: ETRS-TM35FIN N 6939681, E 395900.
WGS84 lat 62.57328, lon 24.97409

Average hiking time:
The paths are challenging in places because of the steep inclines. In particular, the path descending to Syväojanrotko ravine is very steep and uneven. Allow at least 1.5 hours to complete the trail.

Trail markings:
Orange paint markings indicate the route. Information boards along the trail provide facts about the local habitat.

Recommended footwear:
We recommend sturdy outdoor shoes for the trail.

Rest areas, lean-to shelters, etc.:
There is a campfire site by lake Iso-Musta. There is a fully accessible dry toilet at the campfire site.

Organisation in charge of the nature trail:


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