Palsankoski/Housukoski Nature Trail

Housukoski nature trail

Photo: Housukoski Nature trail, Keski-Suomen ELY

Palsankoski, nearly 3 km long and with three sets of rapids, is a famous fishing ground in Multia. The area is also known for the Palsankoski and Housukoski Nature Trail that showcases the whitewater river landscape in Multia at its best. The path is 1.5 km long and meanders around the rapids, crossing the river over the Housukoski footbridge.

Starting point and guidance: To reach the start of Palsankoski and Housukoski trail, turn left from the road leading to Väätäiskylä (road no. 622) just before the bridge over the Soutujoki river.
Starting point coordinates: ETRS-TM35FIN N 6930779, E 381145
WGS84 lat 62.48864, lon 24.69201

Average hiking time:
The path runs through a varied forest landscape with steep inclines. Steps have been provided at the steepest inclines. Allow 1 hour to complete the trail.

Trail markings:
Signposts mark the route.

Recommended footwear:
We recommend sturdy outdoor shoes for this trail.

Organisation in charge of the nature trail:
Municipality of Multia.


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