Nature trails in Toivakka

photo: Sirpa Leinonen

Toivakka boasts numerous signposted hiking trails that run through beautiful natural landscapes and are equipped with rest stops.

Other nature trails and exercise routes in Toivakka:

  •  Heritage Trail - A nature trail connecting the natural and cultural points of interest near the centre of Toivakka. The trail is 6 km long; you can also choose an easier 4 km route.
  •  Laavunlenkki - A 1.5 km nature trail in the village of Huikko, with a lean-to shelter and campfire site.
  •  Hautavuori / Hautajärvi
  •  Viisarimäki nature trail
  •  Koskikara Trail
  •  Siikajärvi nature trail

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