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Lounaispuisto Summer 2020

Come to Lounaispuisto Park and enjoy the summer events

The Summer in Lounaispuisto Park programme offers a wide variety of events and activities that are aimed at everyone from tiny tots to seniors. They include the Lounalaulu public sing-alongs and Puistotanssi dance event with live performances and audience participation. The traditional Leffapiknik outdoor film screening and picnic will take place in the middle of August and is again set to feature an exciting and high-quality film. The programme has been put together by City of Jyväskylä Cultural Services. All events are free of charge unless otherwise specified.


Kuva: Tiina RuotsalainenKuva: Tiina Ruotsalainen

Kuva: Tiina Ruotsalainen



Lounaispuisto Summer events program:


Thursday 6.8. klo 18.00-19.30 Puistotanssi dance event

Welcome to watch awesome line dance performances. You are also welcome to take part in the dance workhop. Dress like a cowboy if possible but it's not mandatory.

Organized by City of Jyväskylä Cultural Service!

Tuesday 11.8. klo 18.00-19.30 Lounalive

Lounalive is en event where local bands and a dance groups show their skills. Airo and Noora is a local girl duo full of energy and girl power, Ukelos plays pop music by ukuleles and Walo Dance Crew hits the dance floor like no one else!

Organized by City of Jyväskylä Cultural Services

Thursday 13.8. klo 18.00-19.00 Lounalaulu public sing-alongs

Come to sing Finnish songs together with a big crowd and Jari Puhakka band. This is also a good opportunity to learn Finnish language!

Organized by City of Jyväskylä Cultural Services

Friday 14.8. klo 21.00-24.00 Puistotanssi tea dances

Have a picnik and enjoy The Peanut Butter Falcon movie. The event starts at 21.00 and the movie starts at 22.00. Before the movie there will be some music.

Organized by City of Jyväskylä Cultural Services and Keski-Suomen elokuvakeskus.

Tuesday 25.8. klo 18.00-19.00 Puistotanssi dance event

Dance artists Samuli Emery and Taru Koski performs a modern dance performance. You can also be part of the incredible dance performance if you want.

Organized by City of Jyväskylä Cultural Services

Sunday 6.9. 15.00-15.40 Linnateatteri: Mauri Kunnas - Etusivun juttu (The front page story)

Theatrical performance for children, spoken in Finnish

This is not false news: Tassulan Sanomat is in big trouble. Circulation is falling and readers are shivering. Fast action is needed now! Children's favorites Mr. Hakkarainen, Masa Marsu and Hämähäkki-Heikki are included.

The play tells how a newspaper is created, with outgoing music and a fun exciting plot. The topics are turning into news and at the same time going through the very important alphabet of media literacy today.

In the roles: Kalle Tulander and Nestori Kyyrä

Direction and dramaturgy: Sami Rannila

Duration 40 min

Tickets 8 €: Tickets go on sale on 10.8. from the online store of the city of Jyväskylä 


More information

Producer Terho Valkonen, p. 014 26 6 4045, firstname.lastname(at)

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