10 ways to get the most out of the autumn rally

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Secto Rally Finland takes place in October, which has never happened before. Traditionally known as a summer event, this year’s autumn rally gives a unique perspective on the event: the freshness of autumnal nature, lights of City of Light and the wonderful warmth of sauna will make the autumn rally a one to remember!

1. Be inspired by the current autumn tips

NOW is a great source for timely content all year round. Current tips relating to seasons, holidays, and current themes and information about the upcoming events can all be found from NOW. The page is constantly updated, so save it as a bookmark for the autumn rally and never miss a thing in the Jyväskylä Region!

Photo: Jukka Paakkinen

2. Save the best memories to your camera roll

Travelling to a new destination or enjoying the event atmosphere are for sure moments to capture. The crisp October in the Jyväskylä Region is stunning, as the autumn shades of nature are illuminated by the lights of City of Light. Tune your cameras for the passing rally cars and practice with the 10 most instagrammable lighting installations in Jyväskylä!

Photo: Atacan Ergin

3. Embrace the darkness

The exceptional autumn time of the rally makes it possible to experience Rally Finland like never before – the special stages that are driven at nighttime bring some extra excitement to the familiar routes. The darkness of Oittila special stage on Friday night and Harju special stage on Saturday night will be remembered for a long time. To get in the mood, see 8 tips for spending darkening nights in the City of Light.

Photo: Ville Mattila

4. Enjoy the hues of autumn in nature

National parks are showing their autumn colours right when the rally atmosphere takes over the Jyväskylä Region. Trees glowing in yellow and orange, and the crisp air of autumn make a trip to nature one to remember. The four national parks of the Jyväskylä Region are always worth exploring, but especially in their autumn colours!

Photo: Julia Kivelä

5. Warm up at Sauna Rally

What better place to enjoy the warmth of saunas, than the Sauna Region of the World, Jyväskylä Region? Sauna Rally is organized during the week of the rally, and it brings together most wonderful sauna experiences in the Jyväskylä Region. Get familiar with the saunas and find the best sauna fit for you!

Photo: Julia Kivelä

6. Be mesmerized by Northern Lights

Quite literally, autumn is the golden age for seeing Northern Lights in the Jyväskylä Region. Did you know, that the Jyväskylä Region is one of the most ideal areas for seeing the Northern Light phenomenon? From the Rally Finland special stages, it is good to go towards areas that are scarcely populated, because on a clear day, Northern Lights bright up the sky roughly once every four nights in the Jyväskylä Region.

Photo: Tero Riihinen

7. Cross things off the autumn bucket list

8 tips for spending the darkening nights in the City of Light is a great page to use as a bucket list. Everything except the Illuminated Christmas Park is yours to experience during the rally weekend, and for the magical atmosphere of Christmas Park, you need to visit again in December! How many of the bullet points can you cross off during the rally weekend?

Photo: Julia Kivelä

8. Pamper yourself by curling up underneath a blanket

To balance out the fast-paced atmosphere of the Rally Finland, it is a good idea to pamper yourself a bit. Moments in spas such as Scandic Laajavuori and Peurunka are a great recovery from the adrenaline of the rally – not to mention the calming effect of saunas! Accommodations like Revontuli Resort’s glass igloos or amazing lakeside igloos of Varjola Resort give you total relaxation.

Photo: Julia Kivelä

9. Refresh yourself with activities

Autumn is an excellent time to experience the Jyväskylä Region through activities. Perhaps the rally weekend would be elevated by whitewater rafting, canoe trip or biking on a fatbike? If you want to get real adventurous, the cherry on top of the rally weekend would be a hot air balloon ride with Aeronaut or skydiving with Skydive Jyväskylä’s guiding!

Photo: Julia Kivelä

10. See the City of Light

City of Light is the highlight of autumn for many. Now that the Rally Finland is organized in October, it is possible to experience the legendary light event at the same time as Rally Finland, because some of this years light installations stay put until the 2nd of October. There are also over 100 permanent lighting installations in Jyväskylä!

Photo: Koros Design, Lilies

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