10 thoughts of Secto Rally Finland from locals

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Secto Rally Finland is close to rally fans and locals’ hearts. We gathered some locals’ thoughts about this major international event. Few locals offered also some tips for the rally weekend!

1. I like the sustainability of the event

The sustainability actions and plans of the Rally Finland are bringing new rally spectators and fans for the event.

I haven’t been interested in the rally in the previous years, because I was unsure of the sustainability of the event. I’ve been happy to learn of the Rally Finland’s new sustainability actions and plans. I like that.

-Local tourist info visitor

Photo: Julia Kivelä

2. Dress warmly

The autumn season offers the possibility to view the 70-year-old event with new eyes. The rally weekend weather is expected to be partly cloudy and very autumnal. Remember to put on warm clothes to stay warm and cozy when going to see the special stages!

Dress warmly! Evenings can already get quite chilly. 

-Local Instagram follower

You can represent the Rally City for example by dressing in Jyväskylä Region products, such as the Havu Design t-shirt. Layering is the key!


Photo: Tero takalo-Eskola

3. The event is a part of the local culture

Rally Finland is celebrating its 70th edition. Therefore, it is no wonder the event has strongly rooted itself in the local culture during its long history.

Rally Finland is a great way to get to know local culture here in the Finnish Lakeland. The event is liked amongst the local as much as by the rally travelers. I could imagine that one can easily get to know our local culture via the rally event. 

-Local tourist info visitor

Photo: AKK Sports Oy / Toni Ollikainen

4. Lovely to see out-of-towners

The Jyväskylä Region is buzzing with rally visitors every year when Rally Finland attracts people to visit the heart of Finnish Lakeland. The locals are delighted with the fresh breeze from other cities and countries.

I’ve lived in Jyväskylä my entire life, so I already know many of the faces here. It’s wonderful when the city fills with people and new faces during the rally! 

-Local tourist info visitor

Photo: Julia Kivelä

5. I can remember the Rally from my childhood

Rally Finland has been driven for 70 years now. It is a part of many spectators’ childhood and youth.

I remember the rally from my childhood, back when it was still called Jyväskylä Grand Prix. The rally cars stuck in the small child’s mind, and I can still remember the atmosphere of the event. 

-Local tourist info visitor

Photo: Tero Takalo-Eskola

6. Plan your route carefully

Many locals recommend using bus transfers to move between the special stages. With the Rally Pass, one can travel in the local bus, free of charge, on Friday and Saturday. You can also get to the special stages by using Rally Finland’s spectator buses. The bus transportation is arranged to and from the following special stages: Sahlonen-Moksi on Friday, Arvaja on Saturday and Ruuhimäki on Sunday.

To out-of-towners, I recommend the local public transportation buses. It’s very nice that there are spectator buses arranged to some of the special stages. 

-Local tourist info visitor

Photo: Merja Huovelin

7. Get to know the pearls of the city

Lots of new services has opened in the Jyväskylä Region during the rally week. In addition to the new services, according to the locals, the older pearls of the city are also worth getting know to.

A pizza at the Satamakapteeni Restaurant in the Korpilahti Harbour is part of my rally tradition. There is also a new restaurant opening in the Kuokkala Manor on Thursday during the rally week, if you want to be one of the first visitors there. 

-Local tourist info visitor

Photo: Julia Kivelä

8. Get yourself the Official Program

The Official Program of Rally Finland was published on the local newspaper Keskisuomalainen last Saturday. You can purchase the program from all the Jyväskylä city hotels and selected Shell HelmiSimpukka service stations.

The Official Program has all the information that a rally visitor needs. I recommend getting it to yourself. 

-Local tourist info visitor

Photo: Toni Ollikainen / AKK Sports Oy

9. I like the internationality of the city centre

Rally Finland attracts a lot of international travelers to the Jyväskylä Region.

Even though Jyväskylä is international all year round, it can be seen exceptionally well during the Rally Finland. The atmosphere is usually very international while being in the harbour. 

-Local tourist info visitor

Photo: Atacan Ergin

10. Have fun

Rally Finland is a communal event that gathers the rally fans together at the shared interest. Having fun is an essential part of the experience.

Have fun and enjoy the beat of the city! 

-Local Instagram follower

Photo: Vasco Vachada

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