Responsibility in Rally Finland

Rally Finland can be enjoyed in a responsible way! Read below about the sustainable and responsible actions in Secto Rally Finland. 

Be proudly part of the responsible rally event

Sustainability is one of the key values in Rally Finland. Secto Rally Finland is committed to the FIA Institute’s Sustainability programme. The event has achieved the highest level of FIA’s environmental certification already in 2017. Read more about the sustainability objectives of Secto Rally Finland and be proudly part of the responsible event in the beautiful lake scenery of Jyväskylä Region! 

Photo: Taneli Niinimäki/AKK Sports Oy

Watch Rally in the forests of Jyväskylä Region

Jyväskylä Region is known for its forested landscapes. Secto Rally Finland measures continuously the carbon footprint of the event and compensates it with reforestation. The goal is to have a completely carbon-neutral Rally Finland in 2030. Verdant pine forests will delight rally guests also in the future! 

Besides the rally experience, there is also possibility to have other memorable moments in the nature of Jyväskylä Region. The four fabulous national parks and their forests, bogs and lakes offer diverse environments for hiking. Experience the nature of Jyväskylä Region with a local by hiking, biking or boating! 

Photo: AKK Sports Oy / Toni Ollikainen

Experience the sustainable Jyväskylä Region

Traveling in Jyväskylä Region is not only about fascinating nature, great culture attractions and the array of events but also responsibility and sustainable choices. There are many tourism operators that have earned the Sustainable Travel Finland label: Nukula, Säynätsalo Town Hall and hotel Keurusselkä, for example. These organisations are committed to make better choices and to develop the responsible tourism. Making responsible choices in Jyväskylä Region is effortless for a traveler 

Photo: Julia Kivelä

Let’s make better choices together

Communality, carnival atmosphere and shared thrill are important part of the rally experience. Rally Finland can be seen in every part of Jyväskylä Region and the event is the result of functional coordination. There are plenty of operators such as the authorities, local service providers and motorsport clubs organising the special stages, for example.  

Cooperation has a major role also in the responsible traveling. Join us to make more responsible choices. An easy choice is to go to special stages by spectator transpost instead of private car, for example. Please remember also to recycle trash to their own bins so the nature stays clean! 

Photo: Julia Kivelä

Enjoy the rally experience safely

The atmosphere of grand event can be enjoyed safely in Rally Finland. Secto Rally Finland has been selected as the best organised in the world for several years! Safety of rally guests, drivers and organisers is the foundation of the event. Read more about safety actions of Secto Rally Finlad. 

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