Finnish sauna at its brilliant best 

In Jyväskylä you also happen to be in the capital of sauna province number one, Central Finland. The Authentic Finnish Sauna Experience quality certificate is your guarantee of cleanliness, authenticity, top quality and a multisensory experience.

The certificate is granted by Sauna from Finland. To enjoy an accredited, first-class sauna in the Jyväskylä Region look no further than Varjola Farm (Vilppulantie 51, Kuusa, 36 min) and Revontuli Resort (Revontulentie 1, Hankasalmi, 40 min).

Did you know...

 that at Tupaswilla (Äijäläntie 202, Kuusa, 37 min), Laukaa, there’s a chance to relax in the world’s largest smoke sauna?  Tupaswilla also received The Best Smoke Sauna in Finland award in 2016. The raft saunas that head out onto the lake from Jyväskylä harbour have also become extremely popular. Everyone enjoys a sauna in their own way!


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