Public Saunas

Public Sauna

Jyvässeudun perinnesaunojat Ry (Jyväskylä Region Sauna Society)
Public sauna times for men and women on Lake Tuomijärvi near the city centre. Opportunity for winter swimming as an extra service.

Lehtisaari (in summer)
Lehtisaari is an island on Lake Tuomiojärvi offering a sauna, beach, water running belts, campfire site, etc. Shuttle boat from Viitaniemi jetty every hour on the hour. All the services are free. Lehtisaari is an open-door site which sets great store by respect for your fellow man and nature.

A public sauna is available in summer in the scenic Mämminiemi outdoor, boating and recreation area in Toivakka. Aside from public hours, the sauna can also be booked for family use. Cooking facilities in the adjacent recreation room.

In Kankaan Sauna you can sauna bathe in over 100 years old gate building of Kangas’ paper factory. Sauna bathers are pampered not only by two saunas but also by an ”ice hole” pool. Facilities also include an A-licensed cafe, where you are welcomed with a warm smile. Kankaan Sauna arranges sauna evenings for men and women in turns every other evening. Every now and then mixed sauna evenings are also arranged. During mixed sauna evenings the dressing room will be divided with curtains. Saunas and showers are shared, so wearing a swinmsuit is mandatory during mixed sauna evenings.

Spas/indoor swimming pools in the Jyväskylä region
Saunas are also available in indoor swimming halls and spas, such as AaltoAlvari, Wellamo, Scandic Laajavuori (saunas for men only: wilderness, lakefront, city and steam sauna; saunas for women only: rose, crystal and steam sauna, spa with an infrared sauna), Aallotar Muurame and Spa Hotel Peurunka in Laukaa.




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