The Feeling-Good-Sauna is located at the lake Iso-Virmas, in the Spell Sauna’s space, including traditional Sauna Lounge with a huge brimstone fireplace and two hot tubs outside the sauna. Feeling-Good-Sauna experience package includes also Mellis Sauna Arctica bath lotions, two whisks and sauna food Loitsupalat.
Sauna snack Loitsupalat includes: smoked vendace with cream cheese, chanterelle pickles, gravlax with barley bread, game sausage with potato salad and sea buckthorn compote with smoked pork ribs.
Take your time in sauna and relax. After the sauna heat, you can jump to the lake and then enjoy the salty sauna food. Swimming in the lake after sauna, improves your blood circulation.







All year round




3 hours



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