Loitsu Sauna 

Loitsu Sauna is located at Lake Iso-Virmas. In addition to the sauna session at a traditional lakeside sauna, Loitsu Sauna package includes also Mellis Sauna Arctica bath lotions, two whisks and snacks you can enjoy after sauna.
Sauna snacks include a great variety of traditional Finnish dishes, such as smoked vendace with cream cheese, cantarelle pickles, gravlax with barley bread, game sausage with potato salad, and smoked pork ribs.
If you want to have a real feast for your belly, add to the menu a delicious salad with smoked salmon and/or chicken and baguette for 13€ / person and a smoothie made of raspberries and bilberries for 4€ / person.



For 6-10 pers. 80.00 €/person
For 11-20 pers. 50.00 €/person
For 21-30 pers. 45.00 €/person



All year round




3 hours



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