Saunas in the Jyväskylä region

Savutuvan Apaja resortSavutuvan Apaja resortSavutuvan Apaja resortSavutuvan Apaja resortSavutuvan Apaja resortSavutuvan Apaja resortSavutuvan Apaja resort

Savutuvan Apaja resort


1. Sauna Region Week

A Sauna Region Week is held in the Jyväskylä region every year. The programme includes a wide range of activities from ‘Sauna Heating World Championships’ to a sauna marathon.

2. Savutuvan Apaja resort

Savutuvan Apaja is a holiday resort in Haapaniemi only 12 km from Jyväskylä. Located on Lake Päijänne, the resort include a Timberjack’s sauna, a smoke sauna and cottage sauna. Recommended group size 10 plus. Food and drinks are available when having sauna. Take a dip in the frozen lake in winter. Private beach, jetty, fireplace/campfire.

3. Holiday Centre Revontuli

Holiday Centre Revontuli is located amidst lake scenery in Hankasalmi not far from Jyväskylä. Revontuli’s Loitsu sauna and smoke sauna were among the first saunas in Finland to be awarded the Authentic Finnish Sauna Experience certificate, which is proof of cleanliness, authenticity and an excellent standard of quality.

The Laguna family sauna is available at short notice. For example, if you book the sauna on the spot, it will be ready for you in 30 minutes.

Sauna Path: If you book the Sauna Path programme, your group will have access to all the saunas along the waterfront. A dip in the frozen lake is available in winter. Group size: 10–100. Facilities: Smoke sauna, Tent Sauna, Loitsu Sauna, fireplace room in Loitsu, and two hot outdoor jacuzzis.

Sauna Path with a narrative: Immerse yourself in the history of the Finnish sauna through mythical stories. The Sauna Path guide will give a presentation of the traditional smoke sauna, tent sauna and Loitsu Sauna. The guide accompanying your group will provide information on the history of the Finnish sauna, the myths surrounding it and its significance to mental and physical wellbeing. A dip in the frozen lake is available in winter.

Additional services: Sauna Yoga in the Tent Sauna, Modern Bridal Sauna, Wellness Sauna

A couple of evenings every month, the smoke sauna at Revontuli is open to all. Admission EUR 12. Check the open dates here:

4. Varjola Guesthouse

Varjola is a rural guest house-cum-farm in an idyllic location near rapids in Laukaa about 30 minutes from the centre of Jyväskylä.

Saunas: Koskenniska Smoke Sauna (high-standard modern smoke sauna with room for over 40); Lahdenpelto Smoke Sauna (traditional smoke sauna with room for 10-15); Kelosauna (seasoned pine sauna, outdoor jacuzzi for 5-7); Tent Sauna (sauna in an army tent in the woods); Riihisauna (private saunas in connection with accommodation facilities, room for 2-5), Tallisauna (sauna with electric heater for 4-6).

A range of sauna therapies and catering services are available.

Access to smoke sauna to “cool down”.

Varjola has been awarded the Authentic Finnish Sauna Experience quality certificate.

5. Tupaswilla

Tupaswilla’s Mahtisauna was selected Finland’s best business sauna in 2016 by the expert jury of the Finnish Sauna Society and the International Smoke Sauna Club. Mahtisauna seats up to 150 people.
- Tupaswilla’s traditional smoke sauna is suitable for groups up to 15.
- The pond is available for bathers throughout the year with a hole cut in the ice in winter.
- An outdoor soaking tub is also available to order.
- Peat therapy sauna evenings for women in Mahtisavusauna

6. Villa Kivitasku

Kivitasku’s Haikusauna is located on the Kivitasku farm in Muurame 14 km from the centre of Jyväskylä. It offers seating for over 20 people. Additional facilities include an outdoor soaking tub, heated patio and access to the lake. Haikusauna is heated on the first Saturday of each month (different times for women, men and mixed)


7. Sauna Raft M/S Löyly 

By renting a sauna raft in Jyväskylä, you will be able enjoy a sauna bath on the beautiful Lake Jyväsjärvi.

8. Houseboat 

By renting a Houseboat, you will be able to go to sauna and spend the night on the water!


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