Laajavuori Hill

photo: Jussi Judinphoto: Jussi Judinphoto: Jussi Judin

photo: Jussi Judin

Located only seven kilometres from the centre of Jyväskylä, Laajavuori is easy to reach using public transport.
There is a 4km-long nature trail that circles around the foothills of Laajavuori. The terrain is rough in places and most of the trail to get there is uphill. However, the trail is clearly marked and features 18 information boards that tell about the local area, flora and fauna.
A lean-to, which can also be accessed via an easier, shorter route, is located along the trail and offers the opportunity to enjoy a picnic break off the grid.

Along the nature trail, you can enjoy unspoilt forests and take a dip in the Vuorilampi pond and make use of a smoke sauna and beach. From the 227-metre high summit you have splendid views of the city, woods and ponds.
Additionally, Laajavuori offers a wide range of summer and winter activities, such as an adventure park, ski resort, frisbe golf course, snowshoe trekking, downhill biking, skating, downhill ice cross and a water jump.

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