Vaarunvuoret Hills

photo: Jussi Judinphoto: Jussi Judin

photo: Jussi Judin

Vaarunvuoret Hills are located some 40 minutes from the centre of Jyväskylä. The route takes you across Kärkistensalmi Strait where you are well advised to stop to admire the views from the bridge.

Vaarunvuoret Hills are home to both southern and northern flora with a large number of rare and endangered plant species. The hills offer the opportunity to admire an ancient fir forest, Lake Päijänne, a grove of deciduous trees and sheer rock faces which offer a favourable environment for plants usually found in Lapland.

Vaarunvuoret Hills can be reached by water across Lake Päijänne or by road along Old Vaaruntie Road which used to be known as Finland’s steepest country road.

Coordinates: N 6867123 E 431789

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