Digital augmented reality (AR) mural paintings in the center of Jyväskylä

Photo: Atacan ErginPhoto: Atacan ErginPhoto: Atacan Ergin

Photo: Atacan Ergin


Brought to life by Nordic Art Network within the framework of the City of Digital Art Festival (02/02-04/02/2018) in collaboration with UPEA street art festival and developers lab Stolen Shoes Entertainment and ALM studios.

The original mural art pieces were created during the UPEA street art festival taking place all over Finland in 2017. First one is called "Keep me" by famous italian street artist Francesco Camillo Giorgino (Millo) (Apartment building, vapaudenkatu 65) and the second one “The Last Cocktail” (Ilmarisenkatu 12) by street artist Onur from Switzerland. Now all citizens and guests of Jyväskylä can see how these mural paintings are brought to life by using Arilyn application in their smartphones.

With this project Nordic Art Network ry tries to attract modern technology users to explore art and cultural heritage of a modern urban environment. AR is already common in the UK, Australia, Hungary and other European and American cities and this technology is becoming more common for modern urban environment. 

See the locations from Google Maps: "Keep me" and "The Last Cocktail" 

Project was enabled by:
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