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Perttula cafe and shop, photo: Perttula cafe and shopPerttula cafe and shop, photo: Perttula cafe and shopPerttula cafe and shop, photo: Perttula cafe and shopPerttula cafe and shop, photo: Perttula cafe and shopPerttula cafe and shop, photo: Perttula cafe and shopPerttula cafe and shop, photo: Perttula cafe and shop

Perttula cafe and shop, photo: Perttula cafe and shop


Is there anything better on a warm summer’s day than heading out to the countryside and enjoying a relaxed visit to a café? You don’t need to travel far before coming across charming farms, lush gardens and other beautiful rural spots inviting you to sit down and have some refreshments. Every café here has its own distinctive character, and whether you’re a history buff, an art fan or animal lover, you will find something to suit your style. Many of these seasonal cafés are committed to serving local ingredients and some even grow their own food.

Explore the countryside cafés featured on our visitor trail! 

Perttula café and shop 

Perttula is rustic and relaxed farm in Leppävesi, Laukaa, just a 15-minute drive from Jyväskylä. The farm café opens for the summer season to serve delicious coffee and food sourced from local and other small producers. Why not grab one of their picnic baskets and head to the great outdoors for a leisurely lunch! 

Vaajakoskentie 113, 41310 Leppävesi

Café Meijerinliiteri 

Located in a historic dairy barn from the 1850s, Café Meijerinliiteri is surrounded by a beautiful old farmstead. Many of the ingredients, including the delicious rhubarb juice, are made on the farm itself or sourced from neighbouring farms or the food market at Joutsa. 

Kangasniementie 1052, 19650 Joutsa

Karoliinan Kestikievari 

With wonderful rustic decor and a menu featuring classic Finnish dishes, Karoliinan Kestikievari is the perfect place to stop for a meal or snack. Specialties include cheddars made by cheesemakers Jukolan Juusto. 

Kuusirinne 11, Leivonmäki 

Sylvin Kahvila rural bistro 

Sylvin Kahvila rural bistro is based on the charming Varjola Farm in Laukaa. The menu reflects the seasons and celebrates local food traditions, with some of the ingredients grown on the farm itself. 

Vilppulantie 51, 41370 Kuusa, Laukaa

Haanpää summer café

At the Haanpää summer cafe visitors get to enjoy delicious coffee and cake surrounded by the farm’s permanent residents: a herd of gorgeous alpacas and cute sheep. 

Painaantie 60, 41800 Korpilahti
Haanpää summer cafe on Facebook 

Art Café Järvilinna 

Järvilinna Art Centre is the perfect destination for art and culture lovers. The centre’s main building, which dates back to the 19th century, houses a cafe and art exhibition. After you have explored the indoors, why not take a leisurely stroll among the mature trees in the grounds to see the sculptures on display there. 

Järvilinnantie 213, 41330 Vihtavuori, Laukaa 

Naissaari café and event venue 

Naissaari café is conveniently located along Highway 4, offering the perfect place to break up your journey and enjoy some quick refreshments. Alternatively, make the most of the lush riverside setting and settle in to enjoy a relaxing summer’s day here. 

Naissaarentie 2, 40800 Vaajakoski 


Direct sale shop Heinähattu

Located only a stone’s toss away from the old church of Petäjävesi, Heinähattu is the locals’ favorite boutique and communal living room. The cafe, a small rustic Eden, serves home-baked bread and pastries with fresh coffee or tea. The cozy shoplet-cafe has its shelves stocked with handmade items from both Petäjävesi entrepreneurs and regional artisans. A flea market is also part of the shop.

Karikontie 1, 41900 Petäjävesi


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