Experience Jyväskylä like Yonkman 


On the thematic route, you can experience Jyväskylä by visiting the favourite locations of Nolan Yonkman, a Canadian ice hockey player who plays for JYP. As all the locations are close to the city centre, you can also visit them by bicycle or on foot. Start from Synergia-areena where you can watch home games of JYP. Along the route, you will visit the varied green hiking areas around the lakes Jyväsjärvi and Tuomiojärvi, and you can also admire the magnificent cityscape from the legendary Vesilinna observation tower on Harju. If you get hungry, you can stop off at one of the many restaurants on Kauppakatu.

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Synergia Areena

Synergia-areena is a winter sports arena that is mainly used by sports clubs, and it is where JYP play their home games and many other teams play their competitive games. It is also used to host various other events, such as concerts. The arena also has a smaller ice rink for children and a gym.



The large outdoor areas of Viitaniemi, such as the pedestrian routes, beach, archery range and other sports facilities, have made it a popular recreational location. Stavanger park at the end of Viitaniementie is full of large coniferous trees and other plants, and it has a hiking route that runs beside lake Tuomiojärvi. Yaroslavl square, renovated in 2006, is located next to Viitatorni apartment building. From there, you can admire magnificent views opening up towards lake Tuomiojärvi. Viitaniemi also has a traffic park for children.


The Vesilinna observation tower

The Harju ridge and its landmark, the Vesilinna observation tower, greet visitors from nearly all directions. Harju, a popular recreational area, is a pine forest haven in the middle of the city. A jogging track runs around the area, which also has many paths and trails for pedestrians. The main route from the city centre to Harju runs through the majestic Nero stairs at the top end of Gummeruksenkatu. The Vesilinna tower was built in 1953. It serves as a water and observation tower as well as the location of Café & Restaurant Vesilinna and the Natural History Museum of Central Finland. Its observation deck offers magnificent views in all directions.

You can admire beautiful views from Vesilinna observation tower on Harju during the opening hours of Café & Restaurant Vesilinna and the Natural History Museum of Central Finland.

Natural History Museum of Central Finland: Open Tuesday–Friday 11–18, Saturday–Sunday 12–17.
Café & Restaurant Vesilinna: Open Monday–Wednesday 11–15, Thursday–Friday 11–22, Saturday 12–22, Sunday closed



Kauppakatu runs through the very centre of Jyväskylä. Kauppakatu has always been the most significant and popular shopping street in Jyväskylä. Kauppakatu begins near the university campus, running down to Church Park and, as a pedestrian street, all the way to Are Square. With its shopping centres, department stores, specialist stores, banks, museums and hair salons, it is a major attraction for visitors and locals alike.


Restaurant Revolution Jyväskylä

Kauppakatu 30, 40100 Jyväskylä

Situated in the pedestrian street on Kauppakatu, restaurant Revolution offers laid-back atmosphere for dining, relaxing and enjoying a nice evening with friends. In the pub you'll watch tv-sports from coast to coast with 10 HDTV screens, 1 big HD screen, terrific sounds and pay-tv sport channels. It is also the official place to watch all hockey games of JYP.


Lutakko harbour and lake Jyväsjärvi

Lutakko harbour is a popular location, especially in summer, for residents of Jyväskylä and everyone visiting the city. In summer, the harbour is filled with people enjoying a hot summer day on the deck of a restaurant ship, on the terrace of the harbour café or on the lakeside promenade. You can take a Päijänne cruise or even step onto a sauna boat.

Rantaraitti, a 13 km hiking trail travelling around lake Jyväsjärvi, is one of the most popular exercise and recreational areas in Jyväskylä. It is a piece of nature in the middle of the city, offering an excellent setting for outdoor activities. In summer, you can enjoy Rantaraitti on foot, by bicycle or on inline skates and, in winter, you can skate and ski on the frozen lake.



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