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As Christmas approaches, the best Black Friday offers tempt you to buy the most wonderful products. What if this year your money went to local products, used goods and sustainable companies? On the world’s biggest shopping day, it’s important to act responsibly – read the best tips on how to make better shopping choices in the Jyväskylä Region!


1. Favour intangible experiences

One of the best gifts is to give out an experience – they offer life-lasting memories and are often responsible. Those looking for the stunning lake and forest landscapes of the Jyväskylä Region will find a lot to explore, such as HyvänTähen’s experiences in nature and Varjola’s adventurous activities near the rapids. If you’re looking for the most wonderful sustainable accommodation experience, Revontuli Resort is worth checking out. Another tip for responsible accommodation is the carbon-neutral GreenStar hotel and its delicious breakfast that favors local flavors!

2. Support sustainable companies

There are already almost 10 companies or events in the Jyväskylä Region that proudly carry the Sustainable Travel Finland (STF) label, which is a sign of sustainability. On Black Friday, you should favour the STF-marked accommodation destinations Hotel Keurusselkä, Original Sokos Hotel Alexandra, Solo Sokos Hotel Paviljonki, Scandic Jyväskylä Station and Scandic Jyväskylä City. Responsible STF sites also include Alvar Aalto’s masterpiece Säynätsalo Town Hall and family business Nukula, known for its well-being and accommodation services. The World Rally Championship, Secto Rally Finland, has also earned the STF label, as has the transport company Pohjolan Matka.

Photo: Hotel Keurusselkä

3. Chase bargains in flea markets or buy local

Instead of new clothes, this year the trend is investing in used clothes. Where could you find more unique options than the versatile flea markets in the Jyväskylä Region? In Jyväskylä, you can find used clothes in the the unique Blue Train, high-quality Herttala, the trendy Rebel and the responsible Happy Second. Anjan Puoti is known as the second hand pearl of Muurame, and Aseman Kirppari is where to go in Hankasalmi. However, if you want to buy new clothes, it’s a good idea to prefer local ones: Koto Designmarket‘s domestic selection is guaranteed to charm.

Photo: Koto Designmarket

4. Buy handmade crafts

The local craft boutiques in the Jyväskylä Region delight all year round. Kalevantuli and Puttipaja‘s candles bring warmth and coziness to cold winter evenings, local felt shoes from J.Alho and Lahtiset warm the cold feet, and Seppä Gallery‘s ceramics elevate the festive table setting. Romantic gift for your spouse can be found at Takomo Alkutuli. A lover of handicrafts will be inspired by the handmade yarns of the Tourula Farm, as well as the homely selection of the wonderful Nisulan Pihatupa courtyard house.

Photo: Rinna Valjakka

5. Eat and drink local

Finns are known to be hardcore coffee drinkers. In the Jyväskylä Region, coffee is roasted locally at Paahtimo Papu and Tahkoselkä Roastery. Local sheep wool products, tasty jams and fresh juices and berry ice creams are produced at Hakamaa Sheep Farm, which earned the Local Food of the Year award in 2022. You can get vegan and handmade food at vegetarian restaurant Katriina. Local ingredients are also preferred at Harmooni Restaurant.

Photo: Katriinan kasvisravintola

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