Dress code: paws – dog-friendly cafés and restaurants in and around Jyväskylä

Beans & More. Photo: Pia KojoBeans & More. Photo: Pia KojoBeans & More. Photo: Pia KojoBeans & More. Photo: Pia KojoBeans & More. Photo: Pia KojoBeans & More. Photo: Pia KojoBeans & More. Photo: Pia Kojo

Beans & More. Photo: Pia Kojo


Travelling with your pet is great fun, and even more so if you know the best places where you can bring your pet with you. The Jyväskylä Region welcomes all creatures great and small, cats and dogs, fur and all. We listed the region’s most dog-friendly cafés and restaurants where house-trained, well-behaved furry friends are more than welcome, as long as they are kept on leash. Who doesn’t want to enjoy a cuppa with their best friend?

In the heart of the city

Beans & More

Beans & More is a vegan shop, café and casual restaurant in Jyväskylä city centre. Dogs are welcome inside, where we have water bowls and treats ready for them. Enjoy lunch, delicious raw cakes and organic coffee in the company of your best friends.
Asemakatu 11, Jyväskylä


A Chinese-style tearoom with 100 different types and varieties of tea. We also sell tea equipment and delicious cakes and sweets to enjoy with your cup of tea.
Vaasankatu 10, Jyväskylä

Kasvisravintola Katriina

Katriina is a vegetarian restaurant offering a range of vegan meals cooked from fresh ingredients on the day. Katriina’s menu includes cream of vegetable soups, hummus and fresh bread baked each morning. All food served is completely free of additives – pick and mix your favourites from the buffet.

Kauppakatu 11, Jyväskylä

Pettola Lorenzo

Pettola Lorenzo serves cocktails and artisan pizzas in a casually trendy setting in Jyväskylä city centre. In Pettola, cocktails are mixed with great care from the freshest of ingredients, and the authentic artisan pizzas are made from genuine in a real Italian pizza oven.

Väinönkatu 11, Jyväskylä

Le Qulkuri

Le Qulkuri at Lutakko is located in Turbiinitalo, at the foot of a tall chimney. Le Qulkuri serves tasty bistro food and an excellent choice of drinks. Le Qulkuri started as a festival caterer with the white 1976 Mercedes-Benz van serving celebrated street food at festivals and summer events around the country.

Piippukatu 3, Jyväskylä

Espresso House

Espresso House is the largest coffee house chain in the Nordics, serving great coffee and other hot and cold drinks, cakes, pastries, sandwiches and salads. Espresso House welcomes all coffee lovers as well as their dogs!

Kauppakatu 35, Jyväskylä

Pannukakkutalo Jyväskylä

Pannukakkutalo, the pancake house, serves savoury and sweet pancakes for every taste. The pancakes are home-made from scratch. How about a savoury one with ground beef, onion and blue cheese – or will you go sweet with apple, caramel and chocolate?

Asemakatu 4, Jyväskylä


Peaceful nature

Karoliinan Kestikievari

With rustic interiors, traditional Finnish food, tasty lunches and delicious freshly made pizzas, Karoliinan Kestikievari is the perfect place to stop for some refreshments. Local treats include Finnish-style cheddar produced by the next-door cheesemakers, Jukolan Juusto. Karoliinan Kestikievari is famous for their delicious and imaginative pizzas and mouth-watering bakery goods.

Kuusirinne 11, Leivonmäki

Art Café Järvilinna

The beautiful, historical building of Järvilinna Art Centre is a perfect setting for enjoying the art exhibitions and good coffee and delicious cakes. The downstairs coffee shop and south-facing outdoor seating area panoramic views over Ilveslahti bay and lake Leppävesi. Dogs can run free in the garden, swim in the lake and take a walk on the nature trail. The café also has water bowls for dogs.

Järvilinnantie 213, Laukaa

Wille Olohuone & Keittiö

Wille is a café-restaurant serving delicious Finnish coffee, home-made cakes and Belgian waffles in a lovingly restored country house. Keitele Fish and Chips is a Finnish take on the British classic, made from local freshwater fish.

Äänekoskentie 311, Äänekoski


Summer favourites

Konttiravintola Morton

Konttiravintola Morton operates in a shipping container at Lutakko Marina and is known for its burgers and larger outdoor seating area overlooking the lake. Morton has water bowls and snacks to keep your dog happy.

Satamakatu 2, Jyväskylä

Vanha Kunnon Kahvila

Vanha Kunnon Kahvila, “the good old café”, is located in Mäki-Matti Family Park near Harju. Serving freshly baked cakes and buns and local delicacies, the café is known for its cinnamon rolls, best enjoyed with a cup of coffee from the local roastery Papu or tea by Teeleidi tea shop. The park is a paradise for kids to play in.

Oikokatu 7, Jyväskylä

Restaurant ships at Lutakko Marina

There are three restaurant ships at Lutakko Marina: Gaia, Musta Magia and Kavaljeeri II, dogs welcome. The ships are a perfect place to spend a summer day with friends and pets enjoying great food and refreshing drinks. Dogs can go swimming at the harbour and Rantaraitti is popular with dog-walkers.

Ravintolalaiva Gaia, Siltakatu www.msrhea.fi/ravintolalaiva-gaia
M/S Musta Magia, Satamakatu 8 Quay 3 www.mustamagia.fi
Ravintolalaiva Kavaljeeri II, Satamakatu 8 Quay 3 www.kavaljeeri.fi

Café Meijerinliiteri

Meijerinliiteri is a family-run summer café in an idyllic farmhouse milieu in Joutsa. Based in a small 1850s dairy, the café serves great coffee, mint tea, fresh rhubarb juice and seasonal savoury and sweet delicacies. Dogs will enjoy playing in the large garden.

Kangasniementie 1052, Joutsa


Satamakapteeni is a café and restaurant in Korpilahti harbour. Pop in for a cup of coffee, buffet lunch or a glass of wine. A water outlet and water bowls for dogs can be found in the outdoor seating area. Many of the regulars are, in fact, dogs and they are welcomed by the owner’s own dog Jope. In bad weather, dogs are allowed inside but do ask for permission first. Did you know that Satamakapteeni is along a water route that has been voted the most scenic in Finland?

Korpilahdentie 8, Korpilahti

Escape roof terrace

The large roof terrace of Escape nightclub is like a trip to Miami Beach. Chill out with your friends watching the sun go down with a refreshing drink or two. Dogs are allowed on the sun terrace until 9 pm. As Escape is a nightclub, after all, do keep an eye for any broken glass and other hazards on the floor for the safety of your dog.

Kauppakatu 32, Jyväskylä


Other venues with dog-friendly outdoor seating
Many cafés and restaurants welcome dogs in their outdoor seating areas in the summer. Among the most popular dog-friendly open-air cafés and restaurants are Trattoria Aukio, Alba, Rosso Kirkkopuisto and Laukaa Marina. Laukaa Marina has plenty of activities and the slipway doubles as a good swimming spot for dogs.

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