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Kuva: Tero AhonenKuva: Tero Ahonen

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Figaro was the wine bistro of the year in 2014?


"Jyväskylä’s restaurant culture has taken big strides forward in recent years. The supply has increased and customers’ interest in food and wine has risen. The threshold for visiting a restaurant has become lower. People go to restaurants on special occasions but also just to socialize and enjoy the small things in daily life.

Figaro has brought its own unique concept to food and wine culture in Jyväskylä. As a restaurateur I want to make sure that we are always at the cutting edge of development.This is a pleasant task as my relationship to food and wine is a passionate one. I follow what is happening in the world and what could be borrowed and introduced to the table locally. On my trip to Spain I noticed that wine cocktails are a rising trend and we began to include these on our own drinks list, too.

Customers should be afforded a sensitive ear. Good feedback puts new strength into the sometimes strenuous restaurant routine. It boosts our desire to develop further. The success of our award-winning wine bistro is a fine demonstration of the fact that we have been able to respond to customers’ wishes. Our wine tastings and visits by international guests have proved highly popular occasions. Also our Tapas-Thursdays have been so well-liked that we will be continuing them “by popular request”.

In my opinion good service relies on expertise, but should not be over-formal. Good service is relaxed and interactive. Product knowledge is an important part of service, but an even more important component is that staff put their heart into their work.

At Figaro we are genuinely interested in food and wine. We are in the restaurant for the sake of our clients; we have to earn the customer’s confidence in order for him or her to return to us.

This year, too, Jyväskylä’s restaurants will be delivering new, mouth-watering culinary experiences to be enjoyed. Bon appétit!”

Niko Saarukka,
Figaro Restaurant & Winebistro,


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