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Website in Finnish here. This page was updated last time on Monday 30th of March.

Local entrepreneurs can be supported in many different ways during these challenging times. On this website we will gather and constantly update products and services produced by local entrepreneurs. Since the situation is constantly evolving and transforming, changes are possible. You can notify us of new or updated information with a form on a following website: visitjyvaskyla.fi/for-tourism-professionals/support-locals or by contacting our tourist information via e-mail: travel (at) jyvaskyla.fi

Local entrepreneurs can be supported for example by buying a giftcard for you or your friend to use when the better times come. You can also order products from local companies to your home. If you need to cancel an appointment associated with a service, you can support the entrepreneur by still paying the service partly. Option for cancelling is to postpone the appointment for a later date, so that the entrepreneur won’t lose income. If you cancel your participation in an event, you may not ask for a refund if your financial situation allows you not to. Local entrepreneurs have invented safe and responsible ways to use their services during Coronavirus outbreak if they have been forced to close up their business premises from public. For example many restaurants and bakeries offer takeout service.

Updated information about Jyväskylä’s Coronavirus situation can be found from Jyväskylä city’s website.

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