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Flowers bring joy and color even to the grayest day! Many florists offer home delivery so you will be able to have your favorite flowers and beautiful bouquets delivered straight to your front door. Are you familiar with other opportunities the florist might have to offer? For example some florists arrange handicraft courses!


Kukkakauppa Ruusupuu, Jyväskylä

”Kukkakauppa Ruusupuu doesn’t have an online store but by phone to number +358504719139 or +358505900182 or via e-mail info (at) you are able to make an order and pick it up from the shop when it suits you the best.

We also offer delivery service and orders will be delivered between 5 pm and 8 pm. During March we offer home delivery to your home address free of charge in Jyväskylä area (excluding Korpilahti and Tikkakoski). For a small fee we also deliver flowers to other adresses. Perhaps you would like to surprise your friend with a bouquet of flowers?

Flowers are usually available on weekdays 9-17 and on Saturdays 9-14. The flower shop itself is closed to protect people's health, but the shop offers window shopping and the flowers you buy are displayed in the lower window. You can reach us by phone and e-mail, payment can be made directly to the bank or in the shop's entry with a debit card or exact amount of cash. We also have Finland's first drive-in flower shop!

Starting from Tuesday 24th of March you can also order Hannan Kakut cinnamon buns and Teeleidi's tea together with the flowers. Flowers, cinnamon buns and a pack of tea will surely delight anyone! You can place an order: info (at) or call us +358-50-5900182. You can pay with mobile pay or we will give you a number for bank transaction.”

Flower shop Kukkakauppa Ruusupuu has served its customers in Jyväskylä for twenty years.


Kukkapalvelu Vehkanna, Jyväskylä

”DIY macrame kit now available! Staying home can be fun, especially when you can create something beautiful. DIY kit includes a knotting frame, step by step manual and all the necessary materials in to different colours for making your own macrame. Price for the kit is 35 euros. Get yours from our shop or have it delivered! We offer home delivery in Jyväskylä area free of charge.”

"DIY flower arranging bouquet! On IG-TV you can follow how to make your own bouquet. We offer a DIY package at a special price of 20 €. It includes all the materials for arranging the bouquet."

"You can always order flowers by calling, via private message or email. We also deliver flowers to your doorstep in the Jyväskylä area."

Kukkapalvelu Vehkanna is more than just a flower shop! Vehkanna guarantees great service and memorable experiences. In addition to flower binding work Vehkanna aslo arranges courses and workshops.

Joutsan Kukka-Sari, Joutsa

”Handle your shopping safely at self service point which works like this:

Pick the items you would like to purchase. When paying with cash, the payments can be placed into our mailbox. Remember to make sure that you have the exact amount of cash, because our mailbox is no capable of giving you any change. Ordres can also be made over the phone and home delivery is also available."

"We deliver in Joutsa area free of charge until the end of March. Flowers can be left behind the door for zero contact if desired. Orders can be made by phone +358400203843 or via e-mail sariamalin (at) We also serve at the shop during our normal business hours.”

Kukka-Sari at Joutsa offers flower binding to all occasions.



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