Midsummer 2020 in Jyväskylä Region

Celebrate midsummer safely in Jyväskylä Region. On this page we have gathered all the activities, events and midsummer accommodation packages in Jyväskylä Region. With these tips you can spend a memorable midsummer, even in these uncertain times. 

Varjola Midsummer 19-21.6. 

Midsummer's Eve 19.6. 
Midsummer Sauna
- Including smoke sauna and jacuzzi
Midsummer buffet
- A plentiful summer buffet at the Barn Restaurant
Midsummer dance of Tallinvintti
- Starting at 8 pm
Midsummer bonfire by Town Association of Kuusa at 9 pm

Midsummer's day 20.6.

Brunch at the Barn Restaurant from 10 am to 12 pm (included in accommodation package, separately purhased 18€ per person)
- Starting at 3 pm, reservations in advance
Bistro Sylvi open from 9 pm to 11 pm

Sunday 21.6.
Country breakfast from 9 am to 11 am
Bistro Sylvi open from 12 pm to 4 pm

Varjola's Midsummer package

Two nights' accommodation with brunches/breakfasts, smoke sauna, midsummer buffet and midsummer dances.

Prices / 2 nights: 
Riihi room for two 166€ per person
Riihi room for one 222€ per person
Riihi suite apartment for two 222€ per person

For more information:

Varjolan Tilan Matkailu Oy
Vilppulantie 51, 41370 Kuusa
tel. +358 20 792 8080
varjola (at) varjola.com


Taulun kartano's Midsummer package

Arrival day 18.6.
3 pm Afternoon coffee and a sweet pastry 
6 pm Dinner

Midsummer's Eve 19.6. 
9 am-10 am Breakfast
11 am-3 pm Beachfishing competition and midsummer magic
1 pm Soup lunch, dessert and coffee
2 pm-6 pm Midsummer Sauna at Country Spa by the lake
7 pm Midsummer social evening and dinner
10 pm Midsummer bonfire 

Midsummer's day 20.6.
9 am-11 am Brunch
It's possible to make table reservation for the social evening and dinner without purchasing the package (65€ per person).

Granary room 314€ per person/double room
Big guest room 344€ per person/double room
Small guest room 324€ per person/double room
Single room price +120€ per adult
Children over 12 years: Extra bed 264€ per person
Children between 4 and 11 years: Extra bed 147€ per person

The Taulun kartano's midsummer program and morning saunas in the estate's sauna department are included in the prices. 

For more information:
Taulun kartano
Tauluntie 596, 41410 Kankainen
tel. +358 20 7353 400
myynti (at) acravintolat.fi


Midsummer cruises

m/s Rhea's midsummer cruises

Fri 19.6. at 3pm to 6pm
Fri 19.6. at 7pm to 10pm

Sat 20.6. at 3pm to 6pm

Accordonist Visa Wiren plays on friday's cruises.

Cruise's ticket prices:
20€ / adult
10€ / child 4-14 years
48 € / family ticket 2+2
Children aged under 4 years cruise for free.

For more information:
tel. +358 400 706 691
myynti (at) msrhea.fi


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