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Guidelines from the city of Jyväskylä

On Jyväskylä’s website there is current information about coronavirus. The website has for example info about how the virus transmits, how to stop the virus from spreading and what to do if you suspect an infection on yourself. Website also carries helpline phone numbers for residents of Jyväskylä, Uurainen and Hankasalmi. Also remember to check proper instructions for handwashing and sneezing.

Information about coronavirus in Jyväskylä

Finnish Institution for health and welfare, recent updates on COVID-19

Happee ry., Jyväskylä

From Happee ry you can inquire about grocery shopping on behalf of people in the risk group.

”If you are at coronavirus risk group and worry about the risk of contagion in grocery store, feel free to contact us.”

Read more from Happee Ry website

Jyväskylä info service desk

The maximum number of people allowed at the service desk located in Forum shopping center is 10 persons.
In case of congestion please wait outside.

Suomen Yrittäjät – The Federation of Finnish Enterprises

Suomen Yrittäjät has set up a Facebook group named #ostapieneltä for support from fellow entrepreneurs. In addition to support Suomen Yrittäjät also offer legal counseling and therapist services.

#ostapieneltä Facebook group



Finnish Medicines Agency Fimea urges everyone to stay moderate when purchasing medicines. Even though we are living exceptional times due to coronavirus outbreak, there is no need to obtain oversized stock of medicine at your home. Also remember to follow Kela’s guidance on prescription drugs concerning the time of coronavirus pandemic. At the moment Fimea advises pharmacies to sell only one pack of self-medication pain medicine per customer. If needed, selling of medicine can be restricted.

Read more from Fimea’s website

Read more from Kela’s website

Harju’s evening song is playing again to bring comfort and unite the citizens of Jyväskylä

Harju’s evening song has become a familiar melody for Jyväskylä citizens and visitors during past years and now it’s exceptionally playing again every evening during March and April. Remember to prick up your ears at 6 pm to reminisce warm summer nights to the sound of ”Laulu synnyinseuduille” song by Aulis Rantala.

Read more from our release at Visit Jyväskylä's website


Trustmary – recommed a Finnish small business owner

Specialized in making reference videos and stories, Jyväskylä based Trustmary has opened up a website where anyone can upload a video recommendation of a local business. Trustmary will pass on all recommendations for marketing purposes to recommended entrepreneurs.

Read more from Trustmary’s ”Recommend local entrepreneur” website


From taxi service Jytaksi you can order a taxi driver to go grocery shopping or visit a pharmacy on behalf of people in the risk group. Jytaksi also delivers your pre-ordered groceries.

Read more from JYTAKSI's website


K-Supermarket Viitasaari

"K-Supermarket Viitasaari has started a home delivery service with another local company, J. Paanasen Liikenne. On weekdays, K-Supermarket Viitasaari dedicates its first opening hours 7-8am only for customers at higher risk."

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Pet store Eläintarvike Hissunkissun, Äänekoski

”Offers home delivery in Äänekoski and Suolahti area and to the direction of Hirvaskangas without delivery charge. This service is available indefinitely during this exceptional situation. Orders can be made by phone +358505599837. Store opening hours Mon-Fri from 9.30 am until 5 pm and Sat from 10 am until 2 pm."



Car Rental Matka-rent Oy / Scandia Rent Jyväskylä

Traveling by public transport can be a risk. We offer a comprehensive range of cars, from low-cost city models to premium cars. We pay special attention to the interior cleanliness of the cars, the controls and the contact surfaces are disinfected after each user.



Impacts of coronavirus on cultural services




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