Sustainable Jyväskylä Region

The Jyväskylä Region in the heart of beautiful Lakeland Finland is by nature a sustainable tourist destination. In our region the responsible visitor will find experiences in nature crafted in a sustainable manner and enjoy a feeling of well-being. The key elements that contribute to this are sauna, lakes, forested areas that go on for ever, a wide range of activities and the unique local culture of Central Finland. For us sustainable tourism is not simply a trend. It is our way of defining tourism both now and in the future.

The Jyväskylä Region is one of the destinations included in the national Sustainable Travel Finland pilot programme. The aim of the programme is to showcase sustainable tourism in the country as a whole. Dozens of tourist areas applied for inclusion in the programme, of which seven were chosen. Selection of the Jyväskylä Region was influenced, for instance, by the city’s efforts over the long term to promote sustainability and resource wisdom. Furthermore, the area can also offer visitors a number of services that boost sustainability and which form a part of local people’s everyday lives. For example, we believe that services encouraging sustainable mobility in the compact city of Jyväskylä offer visitors, too, a great deal of advantages and enjoyment.

Getting around without a motor is an example of ecologically sustainable tourism. Sustainable tourism in the Jyväskylä Region takes into account both the economic and ethical sustainability of tourist activity as well as local culture. One particular focus of the region’s local culture is the architecture of Alvar Aalto, which is on show to visitors in more locations than anywhere else in the world. Local culture also finds manifestation in Finns’ unique way of life, which visitors will undoubtedly find fascinating. While visiting the Jyväskylä Region there’s an opportunity to join a guide and do some traditional mat washing, visit a Finnish home or just go for a stroll in the company of a local. We locals put great value on our everyday activities and hope visitors do so too – and that they experience and enjoy the uniqueness of our region in a responsible and sustainable manner.





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