Five reasons why the Jyväskylä Region is a sustainable tourist destination

  1. The City of Jyväskylä is committed to a resource wisdom programme according with a strategy of sustainable development. The city’s main aims are zero waste, zero air emissions and an end to overconsumption by the year 2030. In a carbon-neutral city the remainder of air emissions, 20 per cent at maximum, are compensated in a different manner.

  2. Resource-wise City of Jyväskylä has made it easy for visitors to move around in a sustainable and ecological way: in a city where almost everything is only a 5-15 minute bike ride away, visitors may borrow cargo bikes for 1-3 days free of charge. For longer trips around the region, there is a system of biogas-powered shared cars in the city. The first biogas-powered bus started operating in July 2019.

  3. The City of Jyväskylä has been a forerunner in urban lighting for over 20 years. The city understands the importance of good lighting solutions and seeks to create appealing, safe and aesthetic surroundings for both citizens and visitors, at the same time strengthening its reputation as the most energy-efficient city in Finland. Urban illumination at its very best can be enjoyed each autumn during the City of Light event.

  4. In keeping with the Jyväskylä city strategy, Visit Jyväskylä encourages visitors to explore the city on foot or by bike on themed routes. Visitors may follow, for example, a Sporting Challenges theme route or a Bike Journey to Alvar Aalto’s Architecture.

  5. As a bold pioneer and founding member of the Finnish Sustainable Communities (FISU) network, resource-wise Jyväskylä has targeted sustainable well-being, which is founded on waste-freeness, carbon neutrality and the ability to live within the limits of the earth's carrying capacity.

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