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Photo: Atacan Ergin

Photo: Atacan Ergin


 Savutuvan Apaja

“For us at Savutuvan Apaja, sustainability means really knowing where the food that we serve comes from. We always source as locally as we possibly can.”


GreenStar Hotel Jyväskylä

At the GreenStar hotel in Jyväskylä, we are more environmentally friendly than traditionally run hotels. We are committed to conserving both energy and water, serve locally produced food and use solar panels to generate some of our own electricity. In recognition of our efforts, we have been awarded the Nordic Swan ecolabel.”



Nukula is located by Lake Päijänne, the longest and second largest lake in Finland. We are a Green Key certified eco travel company and are strongly committed to preserving the climate and the environment. For example, we use geothermal heating. We also own the forest surrounding our premises and we make sure our forest carbon sink remains the same from year to year. Moreover, our water efficiency is top-notch due to our dry toilets. We use motion-sensor outside lighting, and we do not use motor vehicles for experiencing nature. 

Sokos Hotels in Jyväskylä

Original Sokos Hotel Alexandra and Solo Sokos Hotel Paviljonki

Our hotels are committed to taking into account the well-being of the environment. As proof of this, both Sokos Hotels in Jyväskylä -Original Sokos Hotel Alexandra and Solo Sokos Hotel Paviljonki - have been awarded the international Green Key symbol. Hotels possessing this well-known certification focus their actions on preserving nature and are able to give their customers better opportunities to make sustainable choices and reduce the carbon footprint. In our daily hotel operations this can be seen, for example, in the form of local food in our restaurants, environmentally labelled cleaning agents, equipment and work methods and efforts to save energy by using low-energy lighting as well as sorting and recycling waste. We are continually developing our business to take care of the environment and nature without diminishing guests' comfort during their hotel stay.



Varjola is family-run company occupying a rural location in Finnish Lakeland.
At Varjola sustainability means: less water used - if you stay with us only a short while, we will change the linen only after departure; waste recycling - we recycle the majority of our waste i.e. bottles, cans, bio-waste, metal, glass and plastic; local production and local services - we live from the spirit of rural areas and are committed to keeping the countryside active and prosperous in the future, too. We also use locally produced ingredients in our restaurants, and many of our subcontractors come from the area close by. Finally, we consider that a loyal and skilful staff is the most valuable asset in our business and long-term employment contracts are encouraged.


Himos Golf Resort

The entire Himos Resort, including our golf course and holiday villas, have been developed with an environmentally conscious approach.
We have taken great care to preserve the local wetlands and other waterways,
and our sustainable golf course runs across wonderfully varied, natural terrain. The entire resort extends over 118 hectares, with a 64-hectare golf course and 20 hectares of protected natural areas.
Lighting at the resort is provided with LEDs and the villas are heated using energy-efficient ground source heat pumps. The villas at Himos have been built using Finnish materials and our choice of furniture, textiles and kitchenware and other items for the interiors has also been informed by our commitment to sustainability.


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