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Digi & Game Center / Sauna

Celebration Christmas party Karonkka Meeting Sauna evening

Contact information

Digi & Game Center, Matarankatu 2, 40100 Jyväskylä

+358 503800991


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"Only about 5 min from Kolmikulma, Jyväskylä City Center..”

Rent cool space e.g. yourself, your friends or company. We have good space for about 20 people. Big sauna room, 3 showers, with small kitchen, 2 toilets with room that has WIFI, 5.1. soundsystem, Karaoke mics, wifi tv and 4 tables, white board ready to have relaxed event.

The premises can have own drinks and foods. No glass bottles to shower premises.
The customer cleans the premises, no additional cleaning cost, if ok

Additional information

key pick-up will be arranged in advance


Under 25

Premise type

Meeting room Sauna


Cozy Intimate Relaxed

Additional criteria

Experience and/or programme services Own drinks Own servings Sauna Sound system WiFi