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YWCA of Jyväskylä (NNKY) / meeting room at the basement floor


Contact information

Puistotori 4 B 1, 40100 Jyväskylä

Accurate location:
Near the city center at Puistotori. The premises are located on the ground floor of a apartment building. The entrance is at the right corner of the building.

+358 (0) 40 740 4472


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The small meeting room at the basement floor is suitable for maximum 14 people.

The basement is accessed through the foyer of YWCA from which a flight of stairs lead to the basement.

The space is reserved for scout groups on evening from Monday to Thursday.
On weekend we do not mainly rent this space on its own.

Please note that we are located in an apartment building and thus require that all users of the space leave by 10 pm (when silence at the building begins)

Additional information

We have data projector that can be borrowed as long as it's not needed in main hall.

As a politically nonaligned association, we do not rent our spaces for the use of political parties.

We only rent our space for purposes that align with our values ("love thy neighbour", "respect all", "work together").

Furthermore, our space doesn't suit parties in which the consumption of alcohol is the main attraction. However, celebratory toasts and dining with wine is more than acceptable.

The tenants agree to cleaning after themselves. Rental fees start from 35 euros/hour.

For more info in English please contact us via email or phone.


Under 25

Premise type

Meeting room


Cozy Festive Intimate

Additional criteria

Own drinks Own servings WiFi